Prophetically, the year 2024 has been declared as Our Year of EXPLOSIVE EXPANSION. However, no prophecy gets fulfilled without corresponding RESPONSIBILITY of the receiver. Therefore, it is pertinent we adhere to the following RESPONSIBILITIES:

” I will stand upon my WATCH, and set me upon the TOWER, and will watch to see what he will say unto me, and what I shall ANSWER when I am reproved. And the LORD ANSWERED me , and said, WRITE the VISION, and make it PLAIN upon the tables, that he may RUN that READETH it” Habk 2: 1-2.

It is your responsibility ( as drama leader) to seek God’s face for specific COLLECTIVE PROJECTS ( maximally three) such as engaging in film production, establishment of television station, embarking on seventy stage drama outreaches,etc, and PERSONAL PROJECTS ( maximally seven) such as featuring in five films, thirty stage drama production, writing of twenty stage drama scripts, etc. You are to PEN down the projects down in clear terms. Make them BOLD in areas accessible to you DAILY such as front of MIRRORS / KITCHEN ( for sisters) or STUDY ROOM/ DINING ( for brothers). Attach DEADLINE to each project. Get a permanent NOTE BOOK and mark each project as actualised per time.


” Through WISDOM is a HOUSE builded; and by UNDERSTANDING it is established” Prov. 24:3

” ( A good drama minister) is one that RULETH WELL his OWN house, having his children in subjection with all gravity. For if a man KNOW NOT how to rule his own house, how shall he take care of the Church of God?” 1 Tim 3: 4- 5.

Give SERIOUS ATTENTION to your IMMEDIATE FAMILY. They are the first BENEFICIARIES or CASUALTIES ( God forbid!) of every of your experience in the field. Therefore, create at least , a specific DAY in the week, to attend to them. If possible, and very possible, work on MONTHLY mini-FAMILY MEETING with them (even if ONLINE). The result will amaze you. It will enhance UNDERSTANDING and family UNITY. For the last time, do not push them aside. They are capable of draining and rubbishing whatever you might have made in this journey of life. Be guided!



” A man that hath FRIENDS must shew himself FRIENDLY” Prov 18:24.
Relationships are SOCIAL CAPITAL, sometimes more powerful than physical cash in pursuance of destiny. In this 2024 and beyond, you need to ACTIVATE other relationships aside your immediate family. People have never called me when I am down, how MANY PEOPLE have you ever checked on? Create a DAY bi-monthly to reach out to persons of VALUE to you, through any of the following means: visitations, phone calls, text messages, e-mails or any of the social media platforms. Relationship is EVERYTHING. They will open unbelievable GATES to you!



” He that WALKETH with wise men shall be wise: but COMPANION of fools shall be destroyed” Prov. 13: 20.
Partnership is like marriage. Real men do not marry because they WANT to marry. They marry because they NEED to marry. You NEED a woman for COMPANIONSHIP, PROCREATION, CONTINUITY, etc. Likewise, every God-given VISION is usually BIGGER than the visioner. You must therefore PRAY and be opened to receive God-sent Co-workers this year. Shun every “seemingly associate” who does not want to marry you, yet does not want to leave you for others to marry you. Be bold to embrace quality partnership this year in JESUS name!



” For WISDOM is a DEFENCE, and MONEY is also a DEFENCE ”
Eccl 7: 12

” Now there was found in it a POOR wise man, and he by his WISDOM delivered the CITY; yet NO MAN REMEMBERED that same poor man. Then said I, wisdom is better than strength; nevertheless the poor man’s wisdom is DESPISED, and his words are NOT HEARD” Eccl 9: 15 – 16.

Keep track of your INCOME and EXPENDITURE this year. It is not lack of faith but mark of faith. GOD is a hater of WASTE. He will provide beyond your widest imagination, only be sure they are put to maximum usage. As He blesses you this year for EXPLOSIVE EXPANSION of His Kingdom, have a specific PERCENTAGE of every INCOME that comes your way for KINGDOM SERVICE ( Tithe, Ministry, Parents & Needy- widows and orphans) and PERSONAL WELFARE ( Yourself and Immediate Family). WHATEVER God gives, has in itself both SEED and BREAD ( 2 Cor 9: 10). Keep record of all income and expenditure for personal development.



” FLEE FORNICATION. Every SIN that a man doeth is OUTSIDE the body, but he that comitteth fornication sinneth against his own body” 1 Cor 6: 18.

The devil is a toothless dog to any man that is after GOD and HOLINESS ( Isaiah 59:1). Every sin requires RESISTANCE but the sin of fornication and adultery require FLEEING. Always CONFESS thy sin and pray for one another. In this year 2024 and beyond, you must stop all those chats and business deals with all your ex-male and female friends. Stop all those dirty discussions with opposite sex. Stop going to PLACES where GRACE of GOD forbids. Always remember that MANIFESTATION is not necessarily a TESTIMONY of divine presence. God’s calling is without repentance. Ask Uncle SAMSON in the bible.
A man of God can still minister healing and divine intervention to a needy, via phone and other means, while still on top of a strange woman! Be careful!!



” JESUS saith unto them, my MEAT is to DO the WILL of HIM that sent me, and to FINISH His work” John 4: 34.

BURDEN ( restlessness) and PASSION ( enthusiasm) are the VEHICLE and FUEL respectively upon which the vision of EXPLOSIVE EXPANSIONS are actualised. JESUS promises heavenly REST ( God-kind rest); not rest from ministry activities while still on earth. He advises that you do the WORK while it is DAY because NITE cometh when no man ( including you) can work. From ancient to modern, only RESTLESS MEN have made IMPACTS; drama ministries not exempted. You have consistently seen individuals who, on a normal day, should be seated and enjoying local patronage; yet PRESSING, on a DAILY BASIS, for GLOBAL IMPACT. You cannot cage them. The more IMPACT they make, the more HUNGER they become for GREATER IMPACT.

May YOU receive the same Spirit of RESTLESSNESS and ENTHUSIASM to experience your own EXPLOSIVE EXPANSION in this year and beyond, in JESUS precious name!

Pst KC Nwachukwu

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