ANCEDRAM president charges Drama Ministers to give the world Ultimate Vaccines


By Oluwafemi Dosu
The National President of All Nigeria Conference of Evangelical Drama Ministers, ANCEDRAM, Barr. Kayode Ojinnaka has charged Drama Ministers across board to give the world Ultimate Vaccines which is Jesus.
This he asked them to do by producing enough of short films and bombarding the social media with it. He said the vaccine will give a permanent cure to sin and evil.
Ojinnaka gave the charge yesterday via a statement obtained by Gospel Film News.

“I am trusting in God’s unchanging WORD (Ps. 91) to declare that we are all safe in the hollow of HIS hands. I assure you that our Elders in BOT, ACE & BONE have not ceased to pray for, inquire about, and express love for all of us before and since the Covid-19 pandemic began. I have personally discussed with some of our Leaders in some states where the incidence of the pandemic seems more serious and the report has been heart warming. “There shall be no loss” I have also tried to find out how most of us are holding up; the report is also cheering. Some of our brethren have used this period to reignite the passion for praying, studying of the WORD; Others shared with us the rediscovery of family values of love, unity, happiness on the rebuilt Family Alters. Yet others have used this period to practice what they had learnt during workshops especially in the areas of short films, using Android phones to shoot, improvisation in the area of lighting e.t.c.

He continued: “Now, that is what is expected of Drama Soldiers. Maximum use of every situation but innovation and originality are undisputed accomplices to genuine ministerial calling. Let’s not just do what the secular film industry, governments and private socio-economic sector are doing: information dissemination and sensitisation. NO! Let’s do MORE: Let’s give the world the ultimate vaccine, the permanent cure to Sin and Evil, let’s give them JESUS & let’s do that through short films on Facebook, WhatsApp, YouTube e.t.c. Our message is distinct from what the Government, Business moguls, film Actors, models have because our motive is different. Any message coming from ANCEDRAM to the world must revolve around this Theme: JESUS IS THE ANSWER FOR THE WORLD TODAY!”

He urged the ministers to go ahead and do this God’s way, not the ministers or worldly way, saying that’s what makes us who we are: DRAMA ARMY.

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