INTERVIEW: The role I played in “The Train” movie really humbled me the more- Bro. Rotimi


One of the hilarious and awesome Characters in “The Train” movie is “Bro. Rotimi” who is loved by many of the viewers. The role of Bro Rotimi was played by Adeyinka Ogunbiyi and he did justice to the role. Adeyinka in this exclusive Interview with Gospel Film News disclosed that the role he played in the movie humbled him the more. You will recall that Bro Rotimi exit the Mount Zion Drama Ministry in the movie but the ministry succeeded without him. Adeyinka also revealed to Gospel Film News how he was given the role, the impact of the movie in his personal life, what he would have done better if opportuned to take the role again, amongst others. Excerpt:

Could you please introduce yourself to our esteemed readers?

My name is Adeyinka Ogunbiyi, i’m Known as ‘Adeyinka_OmoErii,’ I’m a Drama Minister, Dance Director, Movie Director, And a Minister of the word. I’m a graduate of Lagos State University LASU where I studied Theatre Art and Music.

Your profile shows that you have a pastoral/prophetic Ministry, what brought you into drama and film making?

That’s true. I have a ministry called “Dee Defendant of truth ministry int’l (God’s own Heart),” I graduated as a Professional Contemporary dancer and a Director in Stage Performance. What brought me into Drama and Film making is the passion for souls. I got the understanding early to use my gift to bring men closer to God, So I decided to apply my spiritual Gift to my physical gifts.

How did you get the role of Bro Rotimi and who informed you about the location?

Wow! First, after the premier of ABEJOYE season 3……I must say this; I’m a fresh Graduate of Mount Zion Institute, that last year set. We did a Group movie project named ODO. I believe that brought me into the limelight. Bro Damilola Mike-Bamiloye called me and asked me to join the up coming movie, The Train and i was given the role of Bro Rotimi.

Why do you think you need to attend Mount Zion after the premiere of Abejoye season 3?

It was before the premiere of ABEJOYE 3 I attended the school, with the encouragement of Mr. John oguntuase. Well I have great knowledge of the movie Industry because that’s where i’m coming from as a practitioner but because of my ministerial calling, I’m unable to practice it like others do, So I needed something ministerial and more spiritual

How do you feel playing the role?

Well I feel honored and the role really humbled me the more. Reading the script and understanding the end role of bro Rotimi.

You said you are coming from the industry, does that mean you have your root in Nollywood before attending Mount Zion?

Yes I do….

When you were there do you act or you work as crew, if crew what is your area of specialization?

Well, Productions and location matters. I acted. I Dance. Ass. Production Manager. Set man. Area of specialization was Dance.

What are your experiences on The Train movie set?

Behind the camera was great, helping out for set, holding light and running errands. I never acted like i’m a cast. I worked like it’s my own project, so I gave it all. I learn new things from from every single person. It was a beautiful experience. One thing that make it all different was we fasted and we have time to pray, that was fun.

Hmmmm. You mean you fasted on location?

As a Drama Minister that understood the things of the spirit, knowing what you are contending, It helps us to build capacity and see more revelation.

When Damilola called you to inform you about the production, did he tell you will play a role or to come on set as crew?

Yes he did, but it wasn’t that same day. We had time to talk on the production work and share ideas.

In the movie, Bro Rotimi exit the ministry of Mount Zion, what do you see to that?

Hmmmmm it a deep question though I’m careful to answer it. Well, Bro Rotimi is a very close friend of Bro. Mike, they are best of friends. Personally, I can’t justify the fact that he left, but I’m sure he did that because he did not see what bro Mike saw knowing fully well that bro Mike too is not sure of what the future holds.

Does the story have any impact on you?

Yes…. It’s not just a story. It’s an answer to my long years of prayer to God. It’s a reflection, exactly what i’m going through in life but seeing the future with Daddy Mike. I’m so sure the future is settled already.

Whao. What was your most challenging moment on set?

Hmmmmm. I don’t think I have any challenge because i’m used to production works already. The role given to me brought my personality out. So It was fun.

It means you are funny naturally?

You said it oooo

Seeing people’s comments and reactions on social media on the movie, how do you feel?

I received 50% of “Bro Rotimi but Why did you leave… You miss the train..” Calls home and abroad, On the other hand 50% of encouragement. But I tell them that not what I need, all I need is their prayers because it was a negative role I played. Their prayer is much more important to me. This is a spiritual business it’s not industry but ministry.

If you have the opportunity of shooting the movie again, what you have done better?

Divinely, i saw somethings. I wish to have done it much more better than that. There is something we call larger than life in Act. All my lines and characters would have been larger than life, so to express the comic role well.

Your parting words?

I want to appreciate God almighty for the grace and privilege given to me. I want to appreciate my father, Prophet Timothy IGBALAJOBI, Bishop Oluwafemi, Apostle Oluwafunlayo Iroh, Pastor Samuel Ogungbe, Mr John oguntuase who encouraged me to attend the institute, and my family and friends. This goes to everyone: No matter what comes your way in life, do not compromise the vision God gave you. The future is beautiful and ready for you to manifest. Thank you God bless.

Thank you for your time with Gospel Film News

It my pleasure

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  1. The Train is great movie and is full of lessons have watch it for more than two times . We are yet to hear the interview of listed below mrs Tolulope Mike Bamiloye , bro Oluwasenu Adejumobi , Iya eleni, Bro Mike mother in law etc

  2. God’s blessing on you sir. His plan s for you will never go unfulfilled. The future is settled.

  3. I am very happy and blessed God for the life of all the cast and crew of The Train.
    More also, l blessed God for the great Team of Gospel Film News for your wonderful jobs that the team is doing. I pray that God will continue to bless you all in Jesus name.

      1. I ended the watching of the movie with great tears which last for hours… Everything about the movie touched me to my marrow! Lord, please save my destiny from being a waste.

  4. The Movie is Absolutely a blessing to me
    The inspirations are higher

    May God keep on sustaining you guys and enlarge Mount Zion

  5. I ended the watching of the movie with great tears which lasted for hours… Everything about the movie touched me to my marrow! Lord, please save my destiny from being a waste.

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