10 Most Sought After Makeup Artists in Gospel Film Industry


By Dare Fayemi

A film makeup artist is someone who apply makeup designs on actors on a movie set.

Gone are the days in the gospel film industry where anybody in possession of white chalk on a movie set is called a makeup artist. This narrative has changed with the advent of professional makeup artist who have travelled far and wide to learn the art of makeup artistry.

Gospel Film News acknowledges the fact that there are hundreds of makeup artist in the Nigerian Gospel Film Industry, but this list comprises of professional makeup artists you find on the movie set of 5 out of every 10 gospel film locations. This includes:


Abayomi Ojo is the C.E.O. of Abjay Special Effect, He is proficient makeup artist that has paid his dues in the art of makeup artistry. A lecturer of Theatre Arts at Adekunle Ajasin University, Akungba, Ondo State.

Abayomi Ojo learnt the craft of makeup from popular filmmaker, Doyin Hassan.

Abayomi Ojo has worked on the set of many award winning gospel films such as: 1 in 50,000, Agony of Christ, Melita, etc. Abayomi Ojo had his first and second degree from University of Lagos and currently doing his Doctoral Degree at Federal University of Oye, Ekiti.


Paul Eniola Aremu popularly known as Sean Paul is the C.E.O. of Sean Paul Effects, he hails from Ibadan in Oyo state, precisely. Paul Aremu Eniola has attended film schools like Christoline Film Academy, Trecom Film School, DFMI. His journey into makeup artistry started in year 2001 after cutting his teeth under professionals like Abayomi Ojo, Doyin Hassan, Emmanuel Akinsola, Grace Adinku, etc.

Paul has done makeup in movies like Melita, Kembe Isonu, Patrick Syndromes, Dinner in Hell, Finding The One, Time Keeper, Blood Bank, etc. He holds Diploma in Theology from Shiloh College of Theology, Ibadan.


Adenike Owah is the Director of Beautiful Feet Global Concert.

She is an award winning makeup artist and wife of the international Production Manager, Evangelist Tunde Owah.

Nike Owah won as the Best Make Up Artist at Gospel Film Festival, 2019. She won the award via a film entitled ‘Akobi Laaroye.’

She has contributed her wealth of knowledge in makeup artistry to movies like Akobi Laaroye, Eni T’a a ran, Abejoye, Abattoir, Shackles, etc.


Adebayo Yusuf popularly known as Bayo Effect is a make up guru who has done professional makeup for a number of gospel films in Nigeria.

Adebayo Yusuf developed interest in Makeup Artistry during a student’s practical film shoot when he attended Mount Zion Institute of Christian Drama and saw Abayomi Ojo.

He has added his Midas touch to movies like ‘The Cheapest Weapon,’ ‘Him, Her & I,’ ‘Reset,’ ‘Godly Bastard,’ etc. He is an undergraduate at the prestigious National Open University, Nigeria.


Caroline Oyejide, the C.E.O. of Caro Beauty & Effect. She hold a master degree in Education from Lagos State University.

She is one of the most sought after makeup artist in the gospel film industry.

She has done makeup in movies like ‘Iran Adamu,’ ‘Iwo Nikan,’ ‘Exchange of Authority,’ ‘Oja Ale,’ etc.


Dare Norman is an outstanding makeup artist, the Creative Director of Norman Creative Effect.

He has done makeup in movies like; ‘Super Deliverance,’ ‘The Map,’ ‘Love Prison,’ ‘Mary’s Option,’ etc. Dare Norman is an SSCE holder after which he diverted into various professional courses in film making.


Remilekun Mosiko is one of the top notch makeup artists in the gospel film industry. She attended Mount Zion Institute of Christian Drama.

She has added her makeup signature to movies like; ‘Man Down,’ ‘Quell,’ ‘The Secret Code,’ ‘Life on a Line Strand,’ ‘Oro Isiti,’ etc.


Adedayo Adekunle is a fast rising makeup artist who has learnt under the best hands in the gospel film industry.

She has worked as Makeup Artist in movies like; ‘Eda,’ ‘Enu Ise,’ ‘Checkmate,’ ‘In Love With A Prostitute,’ etc.


Fadekemi Obideyi is a makeup artist with a professional touch. She attended Proclaimer Film Institute where she learnt Makeup Artistry.

She has worked in movie projects like; ‘Kidnapped,’ ‘Unspotted,’ ‘Mastercard,’ etc. She holds National Diploma in Computer Science from Gateway Polytechnic, Ogun State.


Grace Emiola is an excellent makeup artist in the gospel film industry.

The easygoing lady who trained under makeup guru, Paul Eniola Aremu, has gone ahead to touch many movie productions with her magic fingers, such as: ‘Dukia,’ ‘The Tailor,’ ‘Campus on Fire,’ ‘Pepe GIGA,’ etc.

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