Yemi Adepoju’s second Daughter call to bar today

Oluwapamilerin Adepoju
The second daughter of the excellent film makers, Evang. Yemi and Feyi Adepoju has been called to bar today, 29th November,2018 in the law profession.
Yemi Adepoju disclosed to Gospel Film News that Blessing Paminlerin Adepoju is a graduate of Afe-Babalola University – Ado-Ekiti, and continued her study at Law School, Lagos where she graduated with 1st Class.

According to reports gathered by Gospel Film News correspondent, the event is taking place at The International Conference Center, Abuja today and the father has pen down some accolades for her. He has this to say:
“OLUWAPAMILERIN BLESSING ADEPOJU Esq. At age 4, you are able to identify your chosen career in life, whenever people come to our house you will go to them and start questioning them to the extent that some that knows you do try to avoid you. One day your mum and I asked you why you love to interrogate everybody, that, it is only Lawyers that interrogate people and your response at age 4 was ”’ Yes I want to be a Lawyer to interrogate people.”
Rev. Yemi and Prof. Feyi Adepoju
Thinking it was just a child’s talk, when you passed all your subjects excellently at JSS Exam and promoted to science class in SSS, we decided to engage a private science teacher to coach you. You told us point blank to sack the teacher that you are not doing sciences because you want to be a Lawyer which we complied with.
We are glad that your dream is beginning to be fulfilled with your call to bar today.
You have made us a proud parent with your 1st class in the Law school exam. Your mum and I wish you speed in your chosen career, for you to be an agent of change in the judiciary system of Nigeria and the world at large and most importantly God to give you a husband that will help you to fulfill your dreams and aspirations.
OLUWAPAMILERIN AYO – Congratulations!”

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