We’re always eager to see sundays just to watch Abbatoir, Mike Bamiloye confesses


By Oluwafemi Dosu

The doyen of Christian Drama and president of Mount Zion Faith Ministries, Evang. Mike Bamiloye has confessed that himself and his wife, Gloria are always eager to see Sunday so as to watch Abattoir movie.

Bamiloye made this open confession yesterday in a post on his Facebook page, Gospel Film News correspondent reports.

He stressed that himself and his wife watched the movie just like any other persons, saying both of them always wait for sundays to come, just like any other people.

According to him, they always ask Dammy and Joshua when they will upload the movie like any other people. He added that they also always sit down tight glued to the television like any other people.

“ABATTOIR SEASON 2 ended again in a cloud of great Success, too powerful, too real, terribly soaked in gospel message, the love of God for mankind, the power of parenting, the forgiveness, the reconciliation. See the dirtiness of Flora’s life, but see the depth of God’s Mercy. See the mind of Christ in Sandra, intercession and prayers and love.

“JESUS! Jesus showed up in Prison! See Baba Gbenro and the spirit of a Shepherd. Abattoir movies are great mirrors. You watch the movie and you are edified. You watch the movie and you are Inspired to love God. That is what a good Christian movie should do,” he stated

He reiterated that he is happy the season will resurrect again sometime this year, promising that he will stand in for the People and constantly Remind Dammy to go back to God on the Mountain to go and bring down the Tablets of Stone for people again.

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2 thoughts on “We’re always eager to see sundays just to watch Abbatoir, Mike Bamiloye confesses

  1. That’s an inspiring comment from a father. Though I had to wait till the whole episode is released before I watch it all at once. Because I know the movie is powerful and I can’t stand the weekly wait. The suspense and eagerness will storm my brain heavily so I just wait. God bless the producer, Damilola Mike-Bamiloye. I love the editing and sound too and finally the YouTube subscription comic at the beginning always get me and my children. God bless their heart for that too.

  2. Hmm!
    That’s really great….
    More of God’s grace in Jesus name.
    But I can’t wait for the next season to be out.
    Just as we couldn’t wait for season 2 then to be out. But thanks be to which has made the last season a success and has really blessed lives. How much I pray that God will continually to bless the ministry in Jesus.

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