Viewers react differently after seeing ‘The Train’ movie


By Dare Fayemi, Oluwafemi Dosu

Ever since the latest Mount Zion movie, The Train was released on YouTube on Sunday May 3rd several comments have started trooping in from different parts of the world.

A reasearch by Gospel Film News shows that the movie is the number one trending on YouTube with more than 200 thousand views. Some have good comments while some have observations and suggestions. Many people talked about the indelible impact the movie has on them while several others cry profusely. Excerpt:


Are you still considering either to go for it or an exciting unprofitable flesh development movie particularly at this trying & crucial atmosphere.

Are You considering trending, it is the No 1 trending movie on YouTube with many and large viewers in less than 24 hours.

It is the biopic story of the living legend *Mike Bamiloye.*

It has aroused the love of God in many, it has brings out sincere heart and eye cry from man, it has drew the heart of man nearer to God, sinners have repented and accept the Lordship of Christ.

Make this as an avenue of Revival in your home as your house is full, if possible extend to your neighbor.

The seven chapters are significant and impactful.

*Emptiness, Repentance, Recognition, Obedience, Trust, Vision & Faith.*

Earn your testimony as you prepare your heart to watch.

I finally watched the train today and I must confess, the 2hours, 44minutes and 20 seconds I spent watching was well worth it.

Talking about the characters, everyone went over and above especially the young Mike Abayomi Bamiloye. I really fell in love with the old theme of the movie, the Ijesha dialect which was a nostalgic reminder of home and the old fifty naira notes.. love it.

I laughed when John Oguntuase used that bible trick and slightly used his hands to turn the bible and also the ‘bolobolo’ part.

I learnt not to put my trust in man..Once God gives you a ministry, He will also give you the resources and people needed to complete it.

I cried when the pastor finally extended that drama time and told them they can continue ministering. It was tears of Joy. I was so happy.

The train movie is indeed a journey of Faith.

You should probably watch it yourself.

It’s interesting and it teaches us to always trust in God no matter what, he’s able.

Great movie, thank God for the anointing. I feel a sequel or part b should be written and made. A point of view from Mrs Gloria Bamiloye, how she made her way to ilesha, her past relationships, the ups and downs of been married to a drama evangelist, all the struggles of faith she had before the first movie came out.
I believe submission and support is not that easy to do. Please we need a movie from her point of view too.


This is not just a Movie But a Life of Abraham Outside the Bible.
I am inspired.

“There is Nothing worth living for than a life of purpose ”
…………….#THE TRAIN#……………….
Just finish seeing this movie with some brethren in LOWEDRAM.
What an humble beginning
Daddy Mike life was practically like that of ABRAHAM……the father of FAITH
*Thanks for all you do daddy*
We have received the baton, we have received the Mantle, WE DO MUCH MORE……

Have you seen this movie yet?
If not, go check it out .
I love the way it combined drama, comic relief, emotions, love, faith, prayer and above all inspiration. At a point i had to pick up my jotter and pen, i cried too.
I saw how God could bring a man from nothing to something.
That the foolishness of God is More than the Wisdom of Man.

? Whenever you feel the Lord is leading you to the lowest valley, you might want to get a hoe and start digging for answers because your gold might just be around the corner.

? Even though i don’t know the future, i know God, he is the future

? Don’t look around for information, instead go to God for revelation.

We are on a journey to heaven
We are on a train of faith
And when our journey is over
We will answer to God

This is the train of glory
This is the journey of joy
And when our work here is over
We shall answer welcome.

Creative From camera angles with correct color grading.. that on *technical part*.. *spiritual part* I learn we should just follow all God instructions.. and I Learn God displine his beloved.

Yes ooo
1) Great characterization
2) Great work by the DOP
3) Soul lifting and Set Purpose driven
And finally
The movie was an inspiration.
I have waited on God to write a short video script but the inspiration didn’t come but after watching the Train… God opened my eye to a great inspiration…

The Train was a blessing…


Sincerely I don’t really know where to start from cos I had a great time with God and an encounter with him while I was watching The Train..
I didn’t know that my level of faith in Christ was no where not until I watched it.

1. After watching the movie, I defined *Faith* *as journey you start out of sight, and without knowing where it ends.*
2. I learnt that I really need to be a fool in God to fulfil purpose…??‍♀️??‍♀️
3. My Faith to behold the future built up.??
4. As a female, this movie taught me a lot as a becoming Bride, part of those things is *exercising Patience*
I can go on and on but…… I’d like to stop here?

God bless Baba and Mama Bamiloye as well as the entire Mount Zion family??‍♀️?

Am yet to recover from it.I see the need to hear God in everything decision I make and to wait on him for directions not on my own wisdom.

Fantastic. Really bless with this. My lesson learnt ia the foolishness of God is wiser than of Man, also while we should stop looking for information and go to God for revelation… Infact. Love this God.

It makes shift as regards faith! I thought I understood, but it’s deeper.

The power of crazy obedience in that movie cannot be overemphasized.

If you have a call, pls watch this
If you know you’re to work/walk with someone with a call, pls watch this

The journey isn’t just about been a pastors wife, drama ministers wife/husband, or other departments alone, it’s a call to serve.

Each journey/page as revealed in this movie communicates alot to which many of us drama ministers are running from. I pray God help us and also help our spirikoko brothers too oooo ??? to be able to propose and jet into chemistry ?????? but mummy bamiloye tried oooo (under that tree Sha !!!).

I just saw this movie on @damilolamikebamiloye YouTube channel and I am awed.
The unimaginable power of faith!
First, daddy Mike Bamiloye’s life exemplified what Rick Warren said that “It is only in God that we discover our purpose, meaning and identity” and that “Focusing on ourselves will never reveal our life’s purpose”
Second, when he chose to follow God’s leading, he followed without holding back and he did not only breakthrough, he broke forth. *Stop looking around for information, go to God for revelation* This ministered deeply to me.
Thank you Mount Zion for this Evangelical biographic movie. I’ve been ministered to.
So many times, we really need to know the story behind someone’s glory, so we can understand practical principles of life.
God bless you.
Y’all need to go watch it please.
And @jay_mikee sounds were awesome. Adejumobi Oluwaseun I am so proud of you, the Lord will expand your ministry. Keep doing that which He has called you to do. Weldone.

I saw this movie last night and I have not been myself….I wept ???like a baby it as never happen to me before. Didn’t cry watching miracle in cell7… #thetrain is not just a movie I could relate with it.
What got me first was that how will someone accept God’s unique purpose just like that. No mentor, no seminar or training just depending on the Holy spirit.
The movie gave an answer after all -stop looking for INFORMATION go to God for REVELATION. that was the point the tears started rolling uncontrollable…. Mummy Gloria @gloriabamiloye I celebrate you ma. Marriage is very important in destiny She supported at every point. She also gave daddy comfort and daddy listen to advice. Don’t marry someone you don’t see the same vision together.
See the number of people whos destiny was tie to @mikebamiloye if he had failed those people would have an alternative but can’t be so fitting like original. I can keep on writing because I have my note for the train.
Prayer point
Lord where I have been
Missing in your plan bring me back to track in your mercy
*Lord I need revelation to solve problem in this generation
*Helpers of destiny who will journey with me in faith without grumbling connect us together
*Lord pls give me patience to wait,listen and obey you alone not minding what people are saying.
@damilolamikebamiloye @jay_mikee congratulations your parents lay a strong foundation for you, keep moving in faith and never look back pass it on to the next generation. #gospel #gospelmovies.

I have to stop the movie,uptill now I don’t know how I will continue this movie.
Brethren it got to a point, I said this boy abayomi is omokomo(bad boy).just imagine The big Abayomi.
Please where is that small boy call Abayomi.

The movie hit me… I have infact watched it twice and still planning to watch it more, until everything enters into my Spirit man. This word got me ‘I dont know the future of the ministry, I dont know your future but I know Who owns the future’….

‘The train’ is a great movie to watch.

Have been revived! I got to a point in the movie I had to stopped and intercede and God heard my prayer! He made clear to me my purpose! God bless Daddy Mike your life is an inspiration, Dami God bless you for this, you will not loose your reward! All cast are crew God bless you real good, greater height in his vine yard in Jesus name!

You must be impacted by the movie and i also loved the comic relief
The small bamiloye who was not ready to act as goliath, who cried all night for blom blom ?

A revelational story indeed i love the fact he pursued his vision, even though along the line he still got discouraged ….so many lessons to learn …..

Hmmmm..What An Inspiring movie.Aside Passion For Christ,This is The Second Movie That Took Tears From My Face Since Watching Movies.Its A Full Whole Message Of A Life Worth Living To The Call.Thanks To The Whole Cast And Crew Members That Have Worked Toward The Success Of The Production.Bless You All IJN.

The movie speaks life.It speaks so much to me,it encouraged my faith,it strengthens me.Thanks you sir for yielding to the call.Thanks for listening to his instruction, thanks for not giving up sir and mummy Gloria bamiloye ,you are indeed a blessing to dad,you are a strong woman,thanks for receiving the vision too and supporting daddy.It was indeed a journey of faith..Thank you..
This movie is life changing
Daddy MAB& Mummy answered God’s call by faith
I cried almost all through
Thank God Mummy Adepeju is doing well
Where could Bro Rotimi be now? ?

To think that I’m a GOFAMINT member where Mount Zion started from breaks my heart…Thank God d vision didn’t die
For everyone that will read this comment, i pray that everywhere u have been shamed, God is coming through for you ijn.

Finally!…THE TRAIN is out. A
True life story of Mike Bamiloye.
I watched it yesterday.
I wept at the point where the Pastor told the Congregation that the stage drama should continue and watched till the end.This shows how powerful Prayers of United team or family is. Hmmm… Stop looking around for Information and go to God for revelation.
The movie was funny at a point and was touching.
I’ve been inspired and blessed through this movie.
God will continue to uphold and strength Mount Zion Ministry in Jesus name. Amen

Wow wow wow! This movie is not just an information but an inspiration, a great revelation. I thank God for this movie. I really thank God. May the Lord bless Mount Zion ministries. Little Dammy, you’re sighted.. ?”Isawuru ooo”.Once again, God bless you all in Jesus name.

The train is indeed a movie for the season. It’s a movie for anyone who wants to know the true meaning of purpose and walking with God!

It blessed me, so much that I wrote a review; a very long one at that.
God bless this ministry!

If want to watch this movie
Watch it twice
1st time: Watch ,Laugh and Think
2nd time : Take your pen out and write out some things and then pray over them.

didn’t believe my husband could cry after seeing a movie. #thetrain is a must watch for every Christian home. Lessons learnt: do not despise the days of little beginning
2. Live by faith and not by sight
title of the theme song please
Nice job

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