What happened at Land of Fury movie premiere in Abuja


By Felix Bankole
Last Sunday evening was a moment of sober reflection with a bit of excitement @ CAC Chapel of Glory, Gwagwalada Abuja.
 l mean when you hear words like: “It depends” You just must laugh it out.
My wife was sitting right beside me and l discovered that tears were already rolling down the chic of my dancing flower. The Audience were very touched and in the mood of movies.
After the movie the Pastor led a prayer section for about 30 minutes and what l saw was just revival hour, people prayed for themselves, their children and our dear Nation Nigeria.
My conclusion, this is the first time of seeing this movie and l must say that l am very blessed watching it, a balanced message, fantastic acting and directing.
Evangelist Felix Bankole
Kudos to the cast and crew
God bless you all.
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#Land of Fury
#Great Movie

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