Raising and Running Collective Altars By Kingsley Nwachukwu


By Kingsley Nwachukwu

Altars are SPIRITUAL COURTS where issues are treated and settled for their physical manifestation on earth. Like in the physical realm, courts are of different jurisdictions and levels. So, are the altars.Each altar has its own SCOPE, DEGREE and INFLUENCE.


1) Like courts, altars are more enduring medium of SETTLING MATTERS. Altars provide avenue of effecting justice, pleading for mercy, seeking for restoration of every lost virtue, object or opportunity.

2) Altars ensure CONTINUITY. They continue with assignments entrusted in their hands, even when the initiator has left the earth. This is one of the reasons why CONVERTS from negative background (people whose parents SERVED idols) have more battles to fight, except they are PROPERLY FOLLOWED UP with NEW FOUNDATION teaching. They must be taught of their new POSITION in Christ, the limit they can relate with people of previous faith as well as need to break any link with evil altars. Otherwise, the evil altars may keep looking for them in search of WAGES of services rendered to them and their parents. Even the godly altars of the righteous do the same. They tend to defend the SEEDS of the righteous, even when the seeds are going astray.Only eternal salvation they cannot guaranteed. Therefore, no sincere altar will ever want to lose a captive; customers and potential customers.

3) Altars are MAGNETIC in nature. They know how to attract relevant forces. Just raise an altar and the relevant forces will appear. It is true that GOD is everywhere but God does NOT APPEAR EVERYWHERE. Our Lord and Saviour, JESUS CHRIST made it clear.
” For where two or three are gathered in MY NAME, I am THERE among them”( Matthew 18: 20). Until a gathering is CHRIST-centered ( to lift the name of Jahovah God , subdue the devil or set the captives free), it may amount to social gathering and clubbing!


Altars can be classified in two modes: Godly Altars and Evil Altars, vis-a-vis Individual Altars and Collective Altars.
a) Godly Altars, by my definition, are altars that are built and managed in the NAME and BLOOD of JESUS CHRIST.
b) Evil Altars are altars that are established outside the principles of christian faith.
c) Individual altars are altars that are personal in nature.
d) Collective Altars are altars that are established by more than one person such as family altars, ministry altars, ministry-association altars and community-group altars.

However, our discussion here will be limited to Godly Collective Altars ( a case study of ministry-association altars) as a digression to evil and other altars may not be healthy to our young christian converts nor individuals who are not interested in demonology, charms, deliverance, african magic and the likes.

” The FIRE on the altar shall be kept BURNING on it; it shall NOT go out. The PRIEST shall burn WOOD on it EVERY MORNING, and he shall arrange the burnt offering on it and shall burn on it the FAT of the peace offering. Fire shall kept burning on the altar CONTINUALLY; it shall not go out”
Lev. 6: 12-13.
Unlike other altars which are raised in adherence and revelational insights of the denominations and leaders, the basic COMPOSITIONS of Ministry-Association Altars are: Covenant, Prayer and Sacrifice.

a) COVENANTS: Every ministry-association has COVENANTS( agreed DOS and DON’TS )in reverence to GOD whom she claims to be serving. The AGREEMENTS are binding on all her members and a deliberate disobedience amounts to breaking of hedge ( awaiting the serpent’s attack). It is therefore dangerous to be calm in a ministry-association when hard-to-abide agreements ( covenants) are being initiated!

b) PRAYERS: Spoken words ( praises, positive confessions and requests) are the WOODS through which the fire in a ministry-association’s altars, are maintained. The more CONSISTENT such forums as PRAYER and FASTING, the stronger the association in spiritual realm ( even when the technical aspect are not really strong).

c) SACRIFICES: This is the final requirement of a ministry-association’s altar. It will demand, as means of commitment, for more PROTECTION and PROVISION the SWEATS of members’ ministries or ministers. The SWEATS could be monetary or availability, depending on the leading of the Holy Spirit.

The economy notwithstanding, I encourage you TODAY to make a SACRIFICE to ANY of our Collective Altars ( ANCEDRAM, NANCEDRAM, UKCDRAM, EDMA, CDMAC, MZIAFI, etc) and the same GOD will revisit you, home, business and ministry in Jesus precious name. Amen.
Pst KC Nwachukwu,
Golden Exposures, Enugu.

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