Pastor to Drama Ministers: You must experience baptism of fire


By Oluwafemi Dosu
A Clergy, Pastor Felix Amogbonjaye has advised drama ministers to ensure they experience baptism of fire.
Pastor Felix made this known recently during the western regional conference of All Nigeria Congerence of Evangelical Drama Ministers, ANCEDRAM held in Ekiti state.
Our correspondent, Mayowa Samuel who was live at the conference disclosed that the pastor was preaching on the topic ‘Baptism of fire’ when he advised that all drama ministers need to experience baptism of fire.
The man of God who used Matthew 3:11 as bible reference noted that fire is a very important weapon used in many physical and spiritual aspect, saying assignment of fire include moving from God and about igniting and setting aflame. It is the fire that make the different. 
Baptism of fire according to him is like an ignition that will help us to do exploit for God, it’s a fire from the throne of God, adding that when a Christian life is not firing for God, the life is open to the devil. 
He further stated that a fire brand Drama minister is the one who carry driven fire every where.
He concluded his message by listing and explaining three forms of Fire which include:
1. Consuming Fire: it’s used to destroy the work of the devil in the life of his people, it is a judgemental and deliverance fire. Heb 12:29
2. Refine Fire: it is God’s kinds of fire for refined, refresh resharpen, renew, rebrand our life to make us come back shining brighter for God. It is used by Lord to transform, change and remould every affected part of our life, it is used in the Potter’s house.
3. Holy Ghost Fire:  it is the fire that bring revival, sanctification, righteousness and keeps believers burning for God. It makes us effective. Matthew 3:11, if the Holy Spirit has not come, you will be like them (sinners).

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