Participants applaud Lagos Drama Explosion, says it addressed current situation of the country

By Oluwafemi Dosu
Sequel to Lagos Drama Explosion, LADREX that was held on 1st of October, 2018 to commemorate the celebration of Nigeria independence, participants at the programme have applauded Ladrex saying it’s God ordained and addressed the current situation of Nigeria.
A film maker, Evangelist Rhoda Yusuf while speaking with Gospel Film News in an interview expressed her joy over the programme. 
“Like everyone of us see it, it’s a new success. In fact, I’m haply to be here and I know everybody is happy as well. So, it’s a good programme and we thank God for the success of the programme. I think the first thing we need to do is just to seek God, we need God in this country,” she said.
She stressed that many atimes when we talk about corruption people look at the top but corruption really starts from the grass root, saying even little children have started practicing corruption because of the system.
Rhoda stated that the only person that can help us in this country is God, adding that Nigeria need to go back to God and  continue to pray and christians must also be united. “If we are able to agree on this issue in Nigeria and forget about denomination or whatever, something good will happen. Let all Christians call on God and he will intervene,” she emphasized.
She concluded that “There is this popular saying that it begins with you. So, I on my part make sure that at least I uphold righteousness, I do anything that will bring honour to Nigeria, the same thing is applicable to every individual. We need to see it as a task, this is our country and we must not spoil the name, we must uphold the integrity of this country and wherever we go we must go with that mind set that ‘I must be righteous so that this country will move forward’, if every individual will just agree that ‘whatever I want to do I must consider people around me, this thing I’m doing will it benefit people around me, will it even bring peace and harmony to the people concern’ things will be okay.”
Adeboye Samuel a student of  University of Ilorin studying Geography noted that Ladrex is a God ordained programme, noting that it has a lot of benefit. 
“In fact, it’s all about God. God brought the vision and I’ve learnt a lot from the programme. I have learnt from different drama groups particularly Ladrex drama. In the first drama I saw that we need to have a private fellowship with God and it is very important in all aspect. The last drama ministration also; LAISH which was the story of a lady that was still bed wetting at the age of 58. Laish signifies a country and for a country to be better you have to consult maker of the country. In anything you do you are to consult God first for so many reasons,” Samuel stated.
For her part, Esther David who is attending Ladrex for the first time said: “I want to applaud the organizers for a job well done. I will like to come by next year because I really enjoyed it. Though we came late but we still enjoyed it and it is wonderful.”
Morakinyo Olusola, a member of God’s glory drama group disclosed that “actually it was awesome, when I heard about the programme last week I was like what are they doing but when I came here today and I saw how it went; the organizers, everything was perfectly good and the drama was awesome, the message that passes and everything was good.”
He continued: “my coming here today, I’ve learnt a lot. I’ve learnt not to be greedy, not to be selfish, we saw through the drama that what our leaders are doing up there makes our country, Nigeria remain the same and that is for their selfish interest. So as a youth and a citizen of Nigeria I have learnt to love my neighbour as myself. As a christian I have learnt to show love to my fellow Christian and others.”
Esther Raji who is also attending for the first time reitrated that “The programme is very interesting and it’s really talking about what is actually happening in our nation. In this Nigeria, we are all bed wetting, we as a nation need to seek our old prophet and that is Jesus. He is the author and finisher of our faith, he is the only person that can choose the real liberal and can lead the nation into the right path. ANCEDRAM Lagos chapter really tried for putting up this programme.
Pastor Benjamin of Christ Glory Baptist Church told Gospel Film News that he appreciates ANCEDRAM Lagos State chapter for putting together a programme like this and inviting him.
“I can say the programme is moving forward. God is in charge and my own prayer is that all Christians in Nigeria become one. When we forget about denomination, God will fight for us,” he affirmed.

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