Oreofe to Oguntuase: Bamiloye is the father of all but to say a film renders ‘the best of Nollywood a child’s play’ has reduced him


By Oluwafemi Dosu
In reaction to the news published about John Oguntuase correcting Oreofe Williams on his misinterpretation of Mike Bamiloye’s post and feeding the public with wrong information, Oreofe Williams has sent a response to our news room yesterday.
Oreofe in his write up admitted that Evangelist Mike Bamiloye is the father of all but to say a film renders ‘the best of Nollywood a child’s play’ has reduced him.
“There are many G.Os today but there is only one Daddy G.O. I believe that’s Baba Adeboye. You know why?  He’s the General Overseer of all, all beyond RCCG. From the Celestial, to Cherubim, to Anglican,  to the Pentecostals, Daddy G.O is Daddy G.O. Same thing with Daddy Bamiloye…and you can see that I’m mentioning his name for the first time.
He’s the General Overseer of all Filmmakers, either they like it or not. His position is beyond Mount Zion or Ancedram. He is the father of all.  To say a film renders ‘the best of Nollywood a child’s play’ has reduced him. I am telling you.  I believe he didn’t say it and if he did,  he was just being excited,” he said.
In the lenghty message he titled “IT TAKES GREAT HUMILITY TO ADMIT YOU ARE WRONG ESPECIALLY IF THE CORRECTION IS FROM A MAN YOU NEVER TRAINED” Oreofe described Oguntuase as a hypocrite.
“To play to the gallery in public defence of falsehood is sheer hypocrisy. To deliberately deceive your own Leader just for one or two favours and be seen as a ‘good boy’ has a curse on its own. I know that great filmmaker has a discerning spirit. He should know,  if not now,  later,” he stated.
Oreofe noted that the news published about Oguntuase’s response to his initial post got to his followers before it got to him, saying some of them had conjured different posts to counter but he told them to take a chill-pill, adding that it’s not about him but about God himself and if these people are truly who people call them,  now is the time to check them.
“Sometimes the Leader may not be the problem: Some of the followers are and as soon as you don’t separate policies from persons,  the polity is heated up. You mean anyone in 70 years of ministry can’t be wrong? You mean once someone does not buy your idea, he hates you? That’s intellectual immaturity,” Oreofe added.
Oreofe Williams denied that he ever knew Oguntuase except that they met once at a film location.
“I don’t know the young man you spoke about except that we met at one location years ago. What I always caution is that I don’t like engaging those who speak from the two sides of their mouth. Oreofe Williams has always been a bad boy since 2007 when he used ‘secular actors’ in his films. Go round and hear what they said and still say about him,” he disclosed.
“My fear is that most good leaders,  including myself are surrounded by the worst set of hypocrites. Let these people come out and tell us what they say behind. That great preacher is a great Leader and if for any error, he falls, generations are doomed.  These folks speaking ‘defensive Englishes’ won’t wait, they will go to another side. If he knows how often we pray for him, that fellow wouldn’t even say a word.”
Oreofe recalled that he was the only one in the whole nation that staged a play to honour Mike Bamiloye on his 50th birthday. He also spoke about some things he had done secretely.
“Who was the fellow who staged a play to honour this great man at 50? In the whole of this nation, I was the only one who did so.  I also was the only one who distributed my books for free in his honour. I once bought 500 copies of films made by this great Leader and distributed for free. I should not say this but I will: I once gave ‘silent seeds’ towards the vision of THE WORLD DRAMA EMPORIUM,” he revealed.
He disclosed to Gospel Film News that two authorities called him after our publication, admitting the truth but told one he wasn’t interested in backbiting and ‘politicking’ and he wouldn’t say anything if it’s not from him.
Oreofe stressed that he still stands his ground as he always did, noting that it is wrong to compare whatever is in you with what is out there and he would have loved that others are allowed to speak about it.
He continued: “Hear this: Most times whatever you hear our followers say outside is who we are. And that’s if we refuse to call them to order. One of my students, while talking about me,  said Oreofe Williams has taught me in two months what I didn’t learn in 15 years. Aaaaaaaa! How?  How could I possibly do that.  I asked them to delete it. The other one said ‘Oreofe Williams is the only filmmaker in Nigeria that helps young people’. ‘Jeeeesu’!  Which research said so? I shut her up.”
He further categorised Oguntuase as one of those who are neither here nor there adding that he would find time to start blocking people of such.
“If you know what some of these people talking publicly have said, you will be shocked. They are neither here nor there. Publicly however, they belong somewhere.
The fellow said someone said that’s ‘cultic’  and I didn’t correct him. Should I begin to show you the inbox messages of how several complained to me that comments on baba’s wall are now a garbage of insulting others? They even screenshot and sent to me how some folks condemned me there and even condemned a notable singer I respect so much. I simply ignored. And by the way, I was surprised to see that the young fellow comes to my facebook wall to read my articles and the comments of people even though he neither likes nor comments. I will find time to start blocking people like that,” he revealed.
Oreofe also noted that he hasn’t met Oguntuase more than twice but later blocked him on facebook.
“I don’t think I met the young man more than twice but I know I deliberately withdrew the relationship because I saw that he was a consistently inconsistent young man. I don’t keep relationships with such people.  I’m a blunt person and as soon as I discover any tendency for  inconsistency, I withdraw. He was even the one who came to me on that location and it’s not likely he’s happy with me that I quietly withdrew,” he affirmed.
He continued: “They are shocked God could call a naughty boy like me to do what I am doing. Some even say I’m not born-again. One came to my house years ago and gave evil prophecies. I did a movie with an international group and they called them why they called people like us. Those ones ignored them. These were people who prayed that nollywood actors should die. Isn’t that funny.”
He further stressed that it is heresy and misdirection to compare a film in a way that tries to ridicule others.
“I maintain my stand: No faith-based film producer, either with 1 day of experience or 100 years of ministry should compare his works in a way that tries to ridicule any  other one. It is wrong. It is heresy. It is falsehood. It is misdirection. Because I respect people doesn’t mean I admit all their policies.”
“Check my facebook wall, you will see that those so called ‘Drama ministers’ don’t make comments or like my posts. You know why? They are afraid of rejection. They are very very afraid. The reason for that is many of them are busy running on the manual of another person. Someone is saying somebody is flawless because he’s been in ministry for decades? What an old menace mentality. It’s a way of caging people who want to know the truth. It’s a priesthood lie,  strangely dangerous to our ‘spiritual commonwealth’,” he added.
He further reitrated that “some of them just wished those who are given new mandates ‘fall down and die’, so that they can use that as an ‘evil testimony’ to cage their followers.”
“There is no room for comparison in anyway or for any reason. You know why?  We are seated faaaaaaaaar above! And you don’t compare with what you are faaaaaaar above. And if anyone comes up to defend this for fear of gain or acceptance, then all the years of watching those ‘Gospel’ films are a waste,” he concluded.

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  1. Bro. Awo Jesu, please enter your room and ask the holy spirit to convict you. This is no longer Godly. Pleaseeeee. Am not interested in who says what, but your response is no longer representing Christ if there is any issue or concern you have towards Evangelist Bamiloye or any other gospel drama minister, please secretly take it God and ask for wisdom to handle things. Do not let children of God do things like unbelievers. God bless you, God bless gospel drama in Nigeria in Jesus name.

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