Never Think You Are Under Curse and Start Fighting Unnecessary Battle Because You Saw It In Movie, Omolara Ayoola Warns Ladies


By Joy Adeosun

The president of WALL Foundation and Notable Gospel Actor, Omolara Ayoola PMH has cautioned young ladies never to think they are under curse and start fighting unnecessary battle because they watched it in a movie.

Omolara Ayoola PMH

Omolara Ayoola made this known on her verified social media handle on Wednesday.

She noted that Break up isn’t the end of life, if a guy says he is done with a relationship, he means it, if a lady begs him to take her back and he agrees, get ready for another round of *breakfast* after some of them must have taken advantage of ladies.

Gospel Film News reports that PMH encouraged ladies to please check themselves well, once they realize that they are not guilty of anything, cry if need be but remember to also move on and start making progress in their endeavors. She asked ladies in such situation to ignore anyone telling them to fight for the relationship if they truly love the guy.

She continues: “Let them know you need not fight for a man who is not yet your husband and that you have learnt the best and most effective way to fight is on your knees, even if you are guilty and you have apologized, yet no show, honestly for the sake of both of you please move on still.”

The Gospel Actor further charged them to move like nothing happens, look back at all the mistakes and start working on them, go back to God and confess their sins and go make progress with their lives with God’s help.

“Never think you are under a curse and start fighting unnecessary battle because you watched it in a movie and they say fight for him if you love him, I beg wake up from your fantasy, it doesn’t always work like that in reality, never wish the person evil hoping they marry wrong, focus on God for your own life.

“Remember, even someone who was served breakfast on a just course can also miss it if not careful, carry God along all the way, don’t give up on yourself, there are better days ahead,” she added.

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