Movie Review: The Defender (Olugbeja) By VDG


Reviewed by Ajibare Abioye

Away from the predominant Nigerian Christian film settings, Olugbeja takes us on a journey into the South-South/East region of the country. Also uncommon is its direction into the theme of widowhood, exemplified by Just One Thing (2023) being virtually the only gospel movie on it last year. For me, films like these buttress my opinion that there are countless original stories that are yet to be told through the lenses of the gospel, as against a gravitation towards endless sequels, even when only bare bones of the original story remain.

The movie narrows in on Bimpe, who is subjected to a traditional system in which she is disadvantaged before she is even able to mount any reasonable defence for herself. This is embodied in Bernard, brilliantly played by Ayobami Adegboyega, making a switch from innocent-looking sponsor to formidable villain. I have always admired his acting range: whether as saintly in the Husband and Wife Series or as devilish in Broken Cross (2017), he always puts in credible performances.

Olugbeja highlights that beyond tribalism, Bimpe’s plight is a cultural attitude to women that makes them culpable for their husbands’ deaths. Best efforts in such a repressive system usually prove abortive, until one meets the Warrior who has never lost a battle. And the great thing about the Defender is that like the robust resolution here, He obtains victory in beautiful ways no human could have orchestrated. Personally, I think this is a call for us to draw near to God as many of us navigate the stormy waters of a presently depressed economic system. He is our only hope.

The link to the movie is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LXY0Qw9IgGA

Till the next review, stay blessed!

Film Credits


(February 1, 2024)

93 minutes

Victory Drama Group


Peace Adewole as Bimpe

Ayobami Adegboyega as Bernard

Rotimi Amodu as Elder

Olufemi Olusina as Godwin

Feyi Adepoju as Mrs Usman



Olufemi Olusina


Yemi Adepoju


Sesan Afolayan


Seyi Fadiji

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