Movie Review: “Baba Eri,” Produced By Gabriel Osunkorode


Reviewed By Ajibare Abioye

“Baba Eri” is an emotive, full-cycle narrative that centres on the life of Omolanke, a man who couldn’t have determined the unthinkable circumstances of his birth and childhood. It does well to take the viewer through generations of pain and limitation in order to vividly capture this reality.

Ajibare Abioye

The movie frequently gives lifting musical pieces on the harmonica to emit a theatrical chorus feel. It also has seeming subplots, the most exciting for me being the tussle between Ẹri and Itunu in the school setting. Baba Eri and his ward are particularly likable characters, while Oluwafunmipe Osunkorode plays her fiendish Itunu convincingly.

The main element I think can improve for subsequent productions is the plot structure. First, the story seemed to stall due to the flashbacks starting not long after the main story began. Also, reducing the number of or trimming the musicals, removing the impertinent fetish priest scenes, adding one or two that’ll suggest the feasibility of both Omolanke’s upbringing and his training of Remilekun, and perhaps doing away with one subplot would produce a tighter, more enjoyable plot.

The resolution of “Baba Eri” is a satisfactory one, showcasing the power of God to save, deliver, heal, mend and bring us to an expected, good end. This requires a lifestyle of trust in Him though. Hebrews 12:1-2 urges us to run our race with patience with our eyes focused on the Omnipresent God who is there with us, even in the storms of life.

The link to the movie is https://youtu.be/i_DwZhTu6Js

Till the next review, stay blessed!

Film Credits
BABA ERI (March 5, 2023)
111 minutes
Covenant Motion Pictures

Steve Duro Oludimimu as Baba Eri
Phebe Osunkorode as Eri
Oluwafunmipe Osunkorode as Itunu
Tolu Adegbo as Daddy Itunu
Victoria Oniyelu as Mummy Itunu
Gabriel ‘Tife Osunkorode as Omolanke

Gabriel ‘ Tife Osunkorode
Director of Photography
Cornelius Alonge
Gabriel ‘Tife Osunkorode
Olumide Oki 

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