Meet The Director of Melita Movie, David Kola Okeowo

By Oluwafemi Dosu

Gospel Film News brings to you what you likely don’t know about Actor, Director David Kola-Okeowo:


Rev. David Kola-Okeowo is a man driven by purpose whose desire is to give God nothing but his best. He is the president of TRECOM WORLDWIDE, an evangelical Drama Ministry based in Wakefield, United Kingdom. He is a preacher of the Word who ministers in churches, programs and conferences.


He is an outstanding Christian Film Maker, an actor and a foremost Film Director who has directed several films internationally.


He is the provost, TRECOM DRAMA COLLEGE, and TRECOM FILM SCHOOL ( TRECOTS). He is also a writer who has written many inspiring and life-changing books.


He is also the convener of a men’s forum named JESUS MEN INTERCESSORS, a spiritual platform where they learn how to serve God better.


Rev David Kola-Okeowo was born in Kaduna, Kaduna State Nigeria on March 11 to Late Rev Cannon Adetunji Okeowo and late Mama Sarah Ebun Okeowo. When he clocked 5, the family move to his hometown Offa, Kwara state and that is where he grew up. He has five siblings – 2 brothers and 3 Sisters.


He went to St. Marks primary school in Offa, David went to three secondary schools, Oro Grammar School, AUD, then Attah Memorial College in Okenne. From there he proceeded to Kwara Polytechnic (where he obtained National Diploma), at that time it was Kwara College of Technology. After that he did his first degree in Bayero University, Kano. He started out with a postgradute Diploma in Theater Arts in University of ibadan but didn’t complete it because he had to travel.


He gave his life to Christ many years ago close to thirty years ago. He has always loved drama but didn’t know God was going to use it as his full assignment, he started doing drama in the university. When the fellowship drama team finished a ministration, he just met them back stage and told them he wanted to join them.


During his NYSC year, he was part of the exco of NCCF in Anambra state, then it was Anambra before it was broken into Anambra and Enugu state and he was part of the exco of NCCF, he joined the drama but noticed that everywhere he joined the drama somehow he ended up leading it.


Even though officially he may not be the leader but will end up directing productions and all that. When he finished serving he went to his church in Ilorin Kwara State called Champions Church that he was going to be attending and the next thing he was looking out for was the drama group. He joined the drama group and before you know it, he was already leading and coordinating.


That’s where he begin to take the ministry seriously and moved from Ilorin to Offa his home town. He stayed with his dad & helped him in his printing business and then David Okeowo got a lecturing job at Fed Polytechnic Offa. All that time he had started the ministry prayerfully, he was also lecturing but the ministry was growing and after lecturing for few years, he believe God asked him to stop lecturing and take up the calling fully. He went fully into the ministry in 1996 when the ministry- The Reconciliators Ministry( TRECOM WORLDWIDE) was commissioned by the Lord.

From Offa then he moved to Ibadan again by the instruction of the Lord that himself and immediate family should move to Ibadan. So, they came to Ibadan in 1998/99 and that’s why again the ministry took another level.


His Ministry, TRECOM now has it’s international head office in UK, Africa head office in Ibadan and offices in some countries of the world.


He met his wife, Pastor Funmi Kola-Okeowo at Cannan Ministries, AKA Champions’ Church, Ilorin, Kwara state and they got married almost 3 decades ago and they are blessed with lovely children.


He is also a minister of the Word. He is the convener of JESUS MEN INTERCESSORS (JMI). It is a spiritual platform for Men. Where they can learn more about how to be real men. And how to serve God more as a man. He ministers weekly on Facebook, YouTube and instagram on a program called MAN to MAN.


David Kola-Okeowo has written, produced and directed several movies and stage productions for his ministry and other ministries.

He recently directed a much anticipated blockbuster which hopefully will be of huge blessing to lives in cinemas, churches, online, etc.

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