Arguing That Christ Was Born on December 25 or Not Is Pointless Argument-Mike Bamiloye

By Oluwafemi Dosu

Legendary gospel filmmaker, Evangelist Mike Bamiloye has stated that it is a pointless argument to say Christ was born on December 25 or not.

In his post entitled “WHY THE POINTLESS ARGUMENT?” on Thursday, Bamiloye questions which day was Cancer born? Yet the World gives Cancer A Day to celebrate it as WORLD CANCER DAY, Gospel Film News gathered.
“Which Day was Diabetes born to earn it World Diabetic Day? Which Day was GIRL Child born? Which Day was Labour Born to make us celebrate Labour Day Worldwide? Which Day was AIDS born? Which Day was Father born and we now celebrate Father’s Day? Which Day was Mother born? Which Day was Children born before we began to declare Children Day? You never argue on any of the Days declared by the United Nations to celebrate diseases and Infirmities,” he added.

Bamiloye stressed that it is share ignorance and knowledgelessness, that would make a man to argue dedicating only one day to celebrate the creator of heaven and earth. He further noted that he doesn’t care if Jesus Christ was born on December 25 or not, even if it is on April 13, he care less, but the whole world have decided to chose a day to celebrate the birth of the king of kings, Lord of Lords, the Lord Jesus Christ.

He explained questions that: “Why arguing whether My Lord was born on December 25 or not. While we chose to celebrate His birth on 25th December, you are free to chose your own date, and buy Christmas Tree and organise your own Carol on February 10. Thank you Jesus Christ for coming into this wretched World to die for me that I might live. And I look forward every year to Celebrate YOU on the Day we all agreed to celebrate Your Glorious Birth. Merry Christmas, Lord Jesus!”


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