Mayowa Stephen’s drama series, Marriage Battles goes on YouTube


 Oluwafemi Dosu


A drama series written and directed by Teacher Mayowa Stephen titled “Marriage Battles” will now be showing on YouTube.


Marriage Battles is a televised drama that x-rays home and marriages. It teaches how a godly marriage should be and how not to loose your spouse because of over spirituality.

The Soap which has enjoyed viewership on Lagos Television, LTV8 will now be showing every Saturday evening, starting with this Saturday 26th September, on “Pasolomon Playhouse” YouTube channel (

In a chat with Gospel Film News, Mayowa Stephen revealed that viewers will have opportunity and great fun with marital ministration watching not less than 26 episodes of the Christian TV Drama Series, Marriage Battles, adding that season 1 is titled “WOES OF DENIALS.”

He therefore enjoined viewers to support the ministry by sharing the video, like and subscribe to Pa Solomon Playhouse YouTube channel and click the notification button so you will know when new episodes are uploaded.

To watch clips from the series, click on the link below:

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