John Oguntuase lambastes all gospel film producers, says they lack planning

By Oluwafemi Dosu
An award winning film director and producer, John Oguntuase has lambasted all gospel film producers saying most of them don’t have any plan for movie production other than shooting.
John Oguntuase who expressed his grievance recently in an interview with Gospel Film News Publisher, Oluwafemi Dosu, noted that Some producers even leave their movies with editors for months or years because what they want to do is the shooting, after shooting nothing else.
“It’s not about making a movie. What most of us do as producers including myself; we know how to plan for production, by the time the production is over there is no other plan. Some people will even leave their movies with editor for months or years because what they want to do is they want to shoot, after shooting nothing else. They don’t even plan how to distribute it.” 
“We know that it is lack of funds but if we have structures, if we can partner together and do something great, we will have enough money to push these things. It’s not even about people to buy but at least to push it cross,” he said.
The movie Director also stated that internet is one good ways to push movies now and producers are making big mistake, noting that everybody want to open a YouTube channel careless of number of subscribers they have.
“Internet is one good way to push now and people are making a big mistake, everybody want to open a Youtube channel. You open a Youtube channel and you don’t even have up to 500 subscribers, you say my film is on Youtube, if you check the views you will see 20 or 30 or 100 views, you are still not doing the right thing.”
“Give it to guys that have subscribers or push your Youtube channel, let it go wide let people know about it and people are not doing posters, advertisement or triller again, they don’t do anything publicity, they don’t even go to TV stations for awareness and these things could be free sometimes. My brother, it’s a long story,” he expressed.
He however disclosed that some gospel film producers are trying a lot of things online to ensure the movies reach out to the target audience.
“Well, we are trying a lot of things online. In Mount Zion now when a movie is out in the next few weeks the movie is online. You can even sell direct to online TV, it is not necessary they get the full right but they get the product once the prouct is good. Even secular online source will get it from us. We need to reach out to the marketers, big marketers at Alaba, Onitsha, wherever they are that has channels in all the states or almost all the states,” he concluded.

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