Iyewu Iku, Iranse Oba movies released on Ogongo TV for free watch, easy download

By Oluwafemi Dosu
Two interesting and dynamic movies,  Iyewu Iku have been released on the newly launched online TV channel, Ogongo TV.
This is in a bid to ensure viewers and lovers of gospel movie watch freely and download with ease.  
Ogongo TV was launched recently by the well celebrated movie director, Dr. Adeoye Omoniyi. The TV channel was launched majorly to see that gospel movies reached a larger audience both locally and internationally. 
It may interest you to know that the online TV is also linked  to a YouTube channel with the name: Ogongo TV.
In a recent interview with Gospel Film News, Adeoye Omoniyi disclosed that he came up with the idea because of the reduction in DVD marketing, nothing that everything has gone online and contents of the station includes Good  movies and Interviews of gospel film makers. 
“There are several onlive TV where secular movies are uploaded and at the end of the day they receive some money. I contacted some of the TV to give them some of the movies I directed but they refused because they were gospel. So I said I will start a standard one that will be able to compete with them. Thank God it is here, OGONGO TV,” he revealed. 
He further stressed that if the title of any of their movies is searched on YouTube it will come up and then the subscribed button will be pressed Or viewers can visit the site to view the movie and then subscribed Or follow the link to view uploads and then subscribe.

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