INTERVIEW: People should expect the ultimate battle in Akobi Laaroye season 2- Producer

Akobi Laaroye is a movie that got people engrossed to the screen from beginning to the end.  The season one was enlisted as one of the to 10 films in 2018. The film producer,  Pastor Victor Olukoju, PVO has disclosed recently that the shoot of season 2 will start by January, 2019. In this exclusive interview with Gospel Film News, Olukoju talks extensively about what people should expect in season two of the movie. Excerpt :

What is Akobi Laaroye all about?
It’s a movie basically about the strange altars in the church. 
Some people thought the story has ended since the first season,  but now that you want to shoot another season,  what should people expect? 
I also thought the movie has ended in the first season… only for God to open my mind that it is not yet over! The repented Awognona has to return to Iyarako village! There are strange and terrible forces to contend with. People should expect the ultimate battle. A serious show down of forces that is more terrible than the first! 
When will the season 2 be finally released? 
We don’t know yet but it will be premiered on April 13th, 2019 during the Letter from my Father programme by Sexual Purity Academy at the city of Ibadan. 
After production of season 2 will it go round for premiere like season one and what strategy are you adoption?
Most likely it will go round churches and crusade grounds. There is no strategy on ground yet. Our focus is the success of the shoot. It is a massive project and we need God’s grace to go through. So, one step at a time.
Is there any plan for the season movie to go outside Nigeria for premiere? 
The first one was premiered outside of Nigeria and we also hope this one will be favoured by God to reach out to more nations outside of Nigeria than the first. 
How can people access season 1 of Akobi Laaroye?
It is on my YouTube channel. It is also on Seun Jonathan and Bola Akande’s YouTube channels but you can get the DVD to buy in Lagos at Zion Media Connections, 170 Ikorodu Road, Onipaanu, Lagos. Phone number: 0816 122 9981

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