INTERVIEW: Why I Adapted Some of My Novels Into Film- Opeyemi Akintunde


Adaptation of books, novels, etc into a movie is a way of making the audience get clearer picture of what books are illustrating. Some Nigeria novels (including Stepping Into Maggie’s Shoes) have been adapted into movies. Popular Novelist, Actor and Movie Producer, Evangelist Opeyemi Ojerinde Akintunde ha s adapted some of her titles including ‘Him, Her and i’ into movie. In this exclusive interview with Gospel Film News, Akintunde reveals why some of her movies were turned into movie and what the society stand to gain in her recent movie, ‘Him, Her and I.’ Excerpt:


You have turned some of your novels into movie, including the recent one, Him, Her and I, what’s the reason behind this?

People learn more by what they see than what they read..and knowing that majority of Nigerians love to watch movies, it is therefore wise to minister to them through what they love.

Do you intend adapting your whole Novel into movie?



What does the viewers stand to enjoy/gain by watching this movie?

It will minister to their soul on hearing from God clearly, amongst other Spiritual lessons.


What is the significance of the movie to the society?

It speaks on marriage and like we know, Marriage is the bedrock of the society.


You have been consistent in producing movies that addresses societal and marital flaws, what is your driving force?

The first institute that God created was Marriage , which shows that God is interested in homes. And when you want a peaceful society, you must ensure you have peaceful homes.

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