INTERVIEW: My most challenging moment on the set of ‘The Train’ movie is… – Omolara Ayoola


Omolara Ayoola to many lovers of Gospel movies need no introduction. She is an excellent Actor who can play any role. In the lastest and trending Mount Zion movie, ‘The Train’ which captures the biography of Mike Bamiloye, Omolara played the role of Mrs. Adepeju (Mike Bamiloye’s elder sister). In this excusive Interview with Gospel Film News, Omolara Ayoola revealed her most challenging moment on set of ‘The Train,’ impact of the movie on her personal life and her experience on the movie location. Excerpt:

Playing the role of Mrs Adepeju who happens to be the elder sister of Mike Bamiloye in the movie, THE TRAIN how were u able to interpret the mannerism or did u study the woman before playing the role?

Honestly I didn’t study her. I only saw her the day we were to shoot in her house. I only interacted with her breifly. Then from the few things I heard about her, I didn’t even rehearse her mannerism at all. I was surprised when Dami called me later to tell me that Daddy Mike said I did exactly like his sister. I couldn’t have done that by my power, that must have been the annointing that rested on me to be able to accurately do that.

When you first go through the script, what did you do?

Well, Dami told me about the location during Joshua’s wedding. When he first told me, my first response was “Dami why do you like challenging me like this?” He just laughed and said “aunty mi you can do it jo”. So when he sent me the script, it was then it dawned on me that I had a huge assignment ahead of me. I started asking myself “how on Earth am I supposed to replicate someone I have never had a one on one contact with?” Although Dami told me a few things about her but all I did was read my lines and trusted God to teach me what to do since God knows her more than I do.

What are your experiences on this particular location like, are they the same with the ones you had from previous locations?

Not at all, unlike other locations that I would go and rest whenever I am not on set. I wanted to see how most scenes were shot because each scene had it’s own uniqueness and fun. And also we shot with ease, no rush, no pressure. It was a smooth location.

What is the impact of the story on your life?

When I was reading the script I almost cried. My thought was that only God knows how many children are like this now that people have given up on? Then after watching the movie I started praying and asking God to help me fulfil my purpose because many lives are connected to mine.

How did you cope with other casts on set especially those you are acting with for the first time?

I didn’t have problem with anyone. There was an annointing that rested on everyone to know lines and act well.

What was your most challenging and emotional moment on set?

When the sister had to embarrass Abayomi infront of his in-laws.

If you have opportunity of reshooting the movie, what would you have done better?

Speak more of ijesha language (Lol).

Seeing people’s comments on social media on the movie how do you feel?

I am thankful to God for being a part of the great project.

Your advice to upcoming Actors/Drama Ministers in general?

Stay with your calling. Don’t compromise. Don’t become full of yourself. Don’t bite the fingers that fed you. Don’t glory in small achievement. There is always more to achieve with God, no matter how huge your success may be.

Thank you for your time with Gospel Film News ma.

God bless you sir.

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10 thoughts on “INTERVIEW: My most challenging moment on the set of ‘The Train’ movie is… – Omolara Ayoola

  1. The movie indeed blessed me, showing a life that rose from grass to grace, touching lives, and taking over the kingdom of darkness. It’s a power packed ministration. God bless MZ and all that acted.

  2. The train is actually a journey of faith. The movie is Scriptures in pictures. Thanks for bringing out the life Story of Dady Mike Bamiloye. More Grace

  3. Sis Omolara is one of my favorite gospel actress and I also enjoy watching her YouTube talk show. God bless mount zion ministry.

  4. You have always been my favorite gospel actress. God bless you and take you to greater heights. I cried when you embarrassed daddy before his in-laws

  5. Infact, the movie really impacted me yesterday (7/5/2020) how I started my life too stealing my mom’s money when I was still young but glory be to God. Another challenging one is proposing to a woman in marriage, I’m justly like bro. MAB but after watching this movie God has given me boldness to talk to them and the will of God for my life. In conclusion, I was impacted on how to stay closer to God and not to compromise

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