INFERNO: How God saved us from sudden death yesterday- Filmmakers


By Oluwafemi Dosu
It was a narrow escape from the hands of death yesterday 18th of April, 2019 as God saved the lives of some gospel filmmakers.

The filmmakers, Pastor Victor Olukoju, Evang. Kunle Adepoju, Tunde Owah, Johnson Babatola and Olumide Oki were reported to be returning from a location recee for a forthcoming film project.

In an exclusive interview with Gospel Film News, the first-class cinematographer, Kunle Adepoju stated that: We would have been at the exact spot if Tunde Owah didn’t alight at a bus stop 100m away…Before we kicked off again to later drop me at the exact spot (where inferno happened) we met with a light hold up just 50m before the place and all we saw was a thick dark smoke ahead, only to see vehicles turning back with great speed, we followed suit to later stop on the oremeji bridge (Ibadan, Oyo Sate) where Owah alighted.”

“PVO took a little recording… And I came down, walk a little closer to see but I couldn’t go close because the fire was heavy, and the smoke filled the air, no car can pass on either side of the road. I had to take another route to my house and went back to the scene of the accident to see the death we escaped. I later saw that it was only a tanker that got burnt on the bridge but the fuel spilled to under the bridge where it got the fire that burnt four vehicles, one okada, many injured and two died,” he added.

In his remark Victor Olukoju noted that “We were about a hundred meters away from the place when there the petrol tanker fell and exploded! Olumide Oki P2O was the one driving. He did a very fast u turn and we sped off… There was a lot of confusion at the scene. The site was terrible. If not for Owah that alighted and we talked a bit… We would have been there because it was the same place we were to drop Kunle Adepoju!”

According to information gathered by Gospel Film News, they filmmakers were returning from a preproduction trip to Ajanla village to inspect for the shooting “Eni taa ran” a film produced by Olumide Oki.

The five people in the car are the director of “Eni taa ran”, Victor Olukoju; DOP, kunle Adepoju; Production Manager, Tunde Owah; Set Designer, Johnson Babatola and Producer, Olumide Oki who drove the car.

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