FTFC: The worst kind of lost a man can ever experience is lose of time- Pastor Adewuyi


By Oluwafemi Dosu

As the long awaited conference hosted by EVOM World Network begins, yesterday in Ilori Kwara State Capital, the clergy who ministered on day one, Pastor Niyi Adewuyi has revealed that the worst kind of lost a man can ever experience is lose of time.

In his message entitled ‘The Night Cometh’, the clergy noted that anyone who doesn’t value time, don’t value life, warring that people should not respect anyone that does not respect time.

Gospel Film News correspondent, Mayowa Samuel reports that while speaking from the bible text used for his message, John 9:1-4, Pastor Adewuyi stated that night arrived when death arrived, night is the arrival of death, so when you are alive, then you have energy.

He further disclosed that why we need to work while it is day is because no on have all the time, so the time you have, work; Death can come anytime; Rapture can occur anytime; Because of the reward of the work.

“For every work done, there is a reward for it, meanwhile, we are not going to be rewarded the same way because we do not labour the same way.  Value time, see every minute, day, month and year as a gift.  One key in fulfilling destiny is profitable use of time. Avoid wasting of time, because anything that waste your time, waste your destiny.  Your most valuable resource is time, anything that wastes your time, waste your life. Be hopeful, because when you are hopeless, you are helpless,” he concluded.

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