FATHERS’ DAY: Impact of fathers in Drama Ministry is immeasurable- Abiodun Morakinyo


Today 21st of June 2020 is regarded as Fathers’ Day all over. As many people are basking in the euphoria of celebrating their fathers (both spiritual and biological), a known gospel actor, Evang. Abiodun Morakinyo in this exclusive Interview with Gospel Film News revealed that the impact of fathers in the Drama Ministry is immesurable. He also stated the role of parenting and how gospel films have been a blessing to millions of people across the world cutting across religion. Excerpt:

Today is regarded as fathers’ day all over, what can you say has been the impact of fathers in the drama ministry on the Ministry itself?

Hmmm, The impact of fathers on Drama ministry is immeasurable, both positively and other wise, a lot has been done by our leaders to project and assist in encouraging Drama Ministers to see themselves as role model worth emulating. Another impact is making sure in getting drama ministers together periodically and giving tips on how to sustain the ministry and personal concerns.

What is the meaning of fatherhood?

It’s very simple, it’s a stage in life when you have children, not only that taking the responsibility of raising the child and inculcating the values of morals and fear of God in the child so as to be a good child and adult and be responsible to the community.

Comparing the way children are being trained in those days and now, what can you say is missing?

Parents today have lost the value of parenting. Parents don’t have time for their kids, rather they focus more on things of the world, abandoning our cultural values and embracing the white man culture which was deceptively smuggled into our culture via religion . Those days there were bonding, parents creating time to play with the kids telling them bible stories, cultural value and night time tales, all these are missing. Take a look at the way some mothers dress today, it’s a shame even so called born again mothers, some wear all sorts of revealing dresses that makes you wonder if they are truly mothers, or is it a mother that relax at home with alcohol in the evening, what type of value are such patents going to inculcate into their children? Parents of today have completely lost our cultural values and morals, except the retrace and seek God’s guidance things will continue to get worse.

The drama ministry/gospel films has come along way, what can you say is the impact of the ministry/industry on Nigeria and the world at large?

Gospel movies have taken a center stage in the film industry in Africa and Nigeria in particular. It was difficult initially for Gospel films, but today the yoke has been broken, our movies have broken the barriers, gospel movies is positive force in the film industry world wide. Gospel movie is no more a push over, sentiments apart,Check out the Abejoye series, Bosom Fire, Strategies, Atanda Onilu, Checklists and more recently The Train, these movies can compete convincingly with any Nigerian film production. Thanks to Evangelist Mike Bamiloye for his visionary moves, he created a wide spectrum for Nigerian Gospel movies to thrive around the universe. I was discussing with some media veterans on Nigeria’s entertainment world, it will shock you what they said about the wave the gospel movies is creating all over. I was also chatting with some of my Muslim friends last week, to my shock they watch gospel movies more than others, reason; a lot of lessons their children learn from watching. So Drama ministry/ gospel films have made an amazingly great impact in the entertainment world all over. If you watch Sola Adeaga’s Prime Suspect, Dr.Seyi Obembe’s Patrick Syndrom and Opeyemi Akintunde’s ‘Stepping into Maggie’s Shoes’ these movies are trail blazers that cuts across all religion, fantastic concept , a delight to watch.
I also want to say this just as I mentioned earlier, in music today Fela Anikulapo Kuti is the most popular around the world, his music is still a force weather you are a believer or not his message is still relevant. It will shock you to know that there is nowhere in the world today that you will not find gospel movies from Nigeria. So in the movie industry today Mike Bamiloye and his works is the most known popular around the world from Nigeria.You can run a poll if you doubt it.

What’s your advice to parents all over the world?

My Advice is for all parents to seek the help of God and dedicate their lives. Spend more time with the children and not rely so much on house girls to raise their children.

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