EXCLUSIVE: Why no film received award at Gofestival


By Oluwafemi Dosu

Due to the quest of many film makers on why no film received award at the just concluded Gospel Film Festival, your number one source of information in gospel film industry, Gospel Film News has gone further to ask members of the festival jury what happened and why.

In an exclusive interview with a member of the jury, Evangelist Yemi Adepoju, he revealed that awards were not given because only 4 movies were submitted with only  one feature film.

“For an award to be given, at least 8 to 10 movies in different categories should be submitted. You can’t compete with yourself alone to win. It will tell on the integrity of the festival. There are conditions for award a movie must compete with other movies,” he noted.

Joseph Yemi Adepoju is a member of the Academic Jury and a member of Mount Zion Faith Ministries with decades of experience in the drama and film industry.

In a related Development, Gospel Film News decided to interview another member of the Academic Jury, Patrick Anyanwu who also confirm that there are limited entry for the festival said there were only 4 entries among which was just only one feature film and the rest were short movies.


Patrick Anyanwu is a media missionary with Calvary Ministries, CAPRO, an Associate with Create International, a part of Vision 2020, and a media consultant with Sahel Initiative. His wife and himself operate from the international office of CAPRO, Lagos where he serve as current Director for Media and IT.

Anyanwu noted that the reasons films were not awarded are:

1. Only four submissions were made. Of the four, only one is a feature film. Besides the fact that some other entry criteria were not met, that one would not “compete” against itself.

2. Of the other three that are short movies, only one fully satisfied the criteria. Again making it like a lone entry in that category.

“For both categories, it wouldn’t feel like an academy award to so award. We however felt it would be good to use the opportunity to challenge us to work towards making our submissions with an eye on the submission criteria. We are hopeful that next festival will attract more submissions that will also meet up with the criteria,” he reinstated.

The Jury member further stressed that “this is also to specially mention that the only entry that met the most of the criteria, the short film, ‘The Palmist’ was and is duely acknowledged for their effort but for obvious reasons and those above, we cannot issue awards.”

Anyanwu who concluded by listing the criteria for awarding a film revealed that:

1.The film must not be more than 90mins
2. It must be Sub titled
3. Synopsis must be sent
4. Crew list must be sent
5. 7 branded DVD
8. Film submitted must be water mark ” go festival 2018″
9. Two members of the production team (Director and/or Producer must be part) must be represented from day 1 of the festival.
10. 1mins Thriller of the film.
11. Art design for the film
Enveloped with prove of payment of two participants from the production company.

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