Exclusive: Why i crossed from secular to gospel film industry- Omolara Ayoola

Omolara Ayoola

By Oluwafemi Dosu
The notable star actress, Evang. Omolara Ayoola also known as PMH has finally opened up why she crossed from secular film making to gospel film making.
In an exclusive interview with Gospel Film News yesterday, the actress disclosed that it was a clear instruction from God which she battled with for sometime. 
She further explained that she was on location one day when God gave her 2 Cor 6:17, saying she struggled for a while but when she lost her peace she had to move camp. 
“One of the illustrations God gave me was that I have a special assignment to young ladies to preach sexual purity. How will I be able to do this assignment without confusing the mind of these young souls,” she narrated.

PMH is known for her fantastic acting and can play any role given to her convincingly.
Speaking on the kind of gospel films being produced these days she noted that on a large scale things are getting better with Christian movies, adding that a lot of young people are rising up to give the best to our God and she believe in excellence, so gospel film makers  are on a journey and it can only get better.

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