Exclusive: Festival Director unveils Lineup of Event for Gofestival 10th anniversary


Olaitan Faranpojo Gofestival Director

By Oluwafemi Dosu

The festival director of Gospel Film Festival, Mr. Olaitan Faranpojo has unveiled the lineup of event for the 10th anniversary of the festival.

Faranpojo disclosed this over the weekend in an exclusive interview with Gospel Film News.

The Festival Director noted that what is lineup is that they want people to make movies that will glorify the name of God, movies that people will say that it’s a gospel film made by this same called ANCEDRAM.

He added that the point is every year is a special year to the festival team, because God has been very helpful to them.

“We are making our jury more robust, we are also giving some people awards, last year we did that too, we are presenting award to some notable people that have done well in the industry like Kay Technical; he’s going to be 25 years in the industry and a lot of people did not know that he started the so called Science Fiction then in Asiri Ireti and the likes. I met him that time and we discussed. A lot of people don’t really know the potential that he has. He also started the screening of Christian films in cinema. The issue raised that can you take your movies to the cinema, he took his movies to cinema that people pay to watch, so it’s not a debate if a Christian film had made money at the cinema or not. He had spearheaded a lot and he shot Mount Zion films; films that actually made them. So we will be picking notable people like that every year,” he stated.

Faranpojo further disclosed that they also want to improve on capacity building, saying it is important to empower various departments to know what to do because if various departments don’t know what to do even if the producer has money it is a waste of resources.

“Those are the things that we’ve lined up by the glory of God and we believe that people will be blessed,” he concluded.


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