Dual Celebration of Love, Creative Excellence: Adeyemos Celebrate 5th Wedding Anniversary, Wife’s Upcoming Birthday


Under the joint banner of faith and cinematic innovation, the CEO of Converter Movie Production and esteemed General Overseer of Grace Revealer Ministries, Converter Adeyemo and wife, Olatokunbo B. Adeyemo are celebrating their 5th wedding anniversary. This milestone is not only a testament to their unending love but also heralds the advance birthday wishes for Olatokunbo, whose birthday is eagerly awaited on January 12, 2024.



The couple is widely acclaimed in the Gospel Film industry as the executive producers behind several notable projects. Their repertoire includes the series, “Dark Moment” (Seasons 1 and 2), the riveting drama, “Notorious,” and their upcoming release, “Governor’s Plea,” scheduled to captivate audiences on the third Sunday of January 2024.


In a chat with Gospel Film News, Converter Adeyemo reflects on their shared journey in life and creativity. He expresses profound gratitude to his wife’s support, both in their personal lives and their professional collaborations in ministry.


He added that “Our joy was multiplied with the arrival of our dear daughter, Oluwafimidaraire Olive OluwaPamilerinayo Adeyemo, who celebrated her first birthday on December 14, 2023. Her presence in our lives is a continual source of happiness and a symbol of the love and blessings that our marriage has brought.”


Converter further expressed deep gratitude for his wife’s enduring patience, love, and support, especially in tolerating his excesses, acknowledging that marrying Olatokunbo was a divinely inspired decision, one that has brought immense joy and blessings into his life. He also extends heartfelt and early birthday wishes to Olatokunbo, looking forward to celebrating her birthday and achievements.


Their journey together in both ministry and the film industry is a powerful narrative of combining faith, love, and artistic expression. The Adeyemos continue to inspire and influence many through their spiritual leadership and storytelling that transcends cultural and geographical boundaries.



This dual celebration marks not only a personal joy but also signifies their continued commitment to making a positive impact through their works and life together.

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