Destinies are tied to fulfillment of your God given assignment- Mike Bamiloye

Mike Bamiloye
By Oluwafemi Dosu
The doyen of Christian drama in Nigeria, Evangelist Mike Bamiloye has stated that destinies are tied to the fulfilment of any God given assignment, charging ministers to stop carrying these treasures (visions) around, adding that they should  pour them into the lives of others. 
Bamiloye made this known this week at the Refreshers Retreat of the Mount Zion Institute of Christian Drama held in Ile-Ife, Osun State.
He added that every assignment given to man by God must be done with all Heart and Soul,  for it to be an acceptable offering /sacrifice before God. 
Gospel Film News correpondent reports that while charging the ministers of God, he disclosed that every vision the Lord gives to man will be bigger than the man, saying it is always a large ground with existing giants and that the Lord gave a vision does not  mean there will not be challenge in the process, admonishing that they should  hold on and not give up. 
The veteran however opined that everytime man rejects God’s instruction,  he is setting himself up for ‘wandering around’ and a longer journey like the children of Israel. 
“Dig deep into the mind of God for deep messages the Lord has for this/your generation. The faithfulness of man to the assignment(s) given to him by God yields to more assignments God releases to that man.  Attend to all ‘hanging projects’ with urgency as God has multitude of alternatives in line if you delay,” he added.
He concluded that the ways of God cannot be comprehended with human understanding, using Job chapter 9:10 and Luke 1:49 as reference, adding that man shoul fill his/her heart with the assignment/vision the Lord has given him/her, saying they should believe (TRUST) Him (God) to bring His Word to pass in their life and ministry.
The Refresher’s Retreat this week has indeed been a refreshing time in God’s presence with revival,  healing and a sense of direction for participants.

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