Dayo David to Gospel Film makers: I can see seed of discord from the devil

By Oluwafemi Dosu
A gospel film director and marketer, Pastor Dayo David, has advised gospel film makers to be careful on the trendy issue about Mike Bamiloye and Oreofe Williams.
Dayo David who was speaking with Gospel Film News in the early hours of today noted that he sensed the devil is trying to sow seed of discord among gospel film makers.
“Gospel FILMMAKERS should be careful, I can see seed of discord from the devil. The more we answer each other the more we water the seed.”
The film maker pleaded that all confrontations and responses should cease.
“Please, let’s stop all these nonsense. What points are we trying to establish? Who are we fighting for? All our claims, are they to further the gospel or our own selfish course? Please, let’s stop all these” he said.
David noted that gospel film makers should put the devil to shame, adding that they should go read his post on the rapture, that he just shared. He further admonished the need to get busy doing what they are here on earth to do which is ‘winning souls’ to the kingdom. 
He concluded by saying “the Master is waiting for more inputs from us. Let’s get busy.”

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