OK now!  My Father!
Superior Commander
Overall Commander
Baba Agba(Biggest/Oldest Father)
The one who commands and no one dare disobeys..
It is my time…
You gave  a commandment thousands of years back to Balaam  to Bless the Israelites despite the contrary voice of Balak.

OK now!  My Father!
COMMAND  men and women from all works of Life, 
From all nations of the earth..
Let it be an everlasting commandment that must be obeyed,
that my generation and I must be blessed…

“Who says it and it comes to pass when my Lord has not said it,”  My Father that is what is in your WORD.  It means you are the one with the final say,  and  you are overall commander of all affairs.

Make it a permanent COMMAND for people to bless my life..

COMMAND people to bless my Spouse
COMMAND my Children’s  academics to be blessed.
COMMAND people to bless my ministry,  e.t.c
Speak to people in their dreams to bless me..
Mention my name in their hearts to Bless me
Command them oh Lord to Bless me…

I hope you have started praying as well… If you pray this prayer well,  before the end of this week,  you will be amazed at how people willingly will be all over you to bless you, because a COMMAND is an order that must be obeyed…

Note,  When the Lord is pleased with your ways,  even your enemies will be at peace with you,  so don’t be surprised even in this week,  you see your enemies blessing you,  it’s not their doing,  They will be obeying the COMMAND of GOD to bless you…

Oh Lord my God,  Command everything you created to BLESS ME In Jesus Christ name.

” Behold,  I have received COMMANDMENT(order that must be obeyed)  to bless, and he hath blessed and I cannot reverse it” Numbers 23:20

Written by Opeyemi Akintunde
Inspired by the LIVING ONE

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