Breaking: “The Train” movie hits 1 million views on YouTube


By Oluwafemi Dosu

Jubilation is now in the camp of gospel Filmmakers as the biography film on Mike Bamiloye, “The Train” hits one millions views.

The movie was released online two weeks ago and it has enjoyed viewership across the globe.

The Train movie was released on the 3rd of May.  

A Drama Minister, Evang. Paul-Esupofo Oriade has predicted that the movie will hits 1 million views two weeks ago and has now made another statement that the movie will still hit 5million views if people keep sharing.

Esupofo thanked Mike Bamiloye for taking the bold step of faith in yielding to God’s call.  He further thanked Gospel Film News for pushing the movie. He also give kudos to children of Mike Bamiloye, family and friends and others Drama Ministers for their support on the success of the movie.

The Train movie is now number one trending (#1 trending) on YouTube

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