Evangelist Wole Olayiwola, a devoted Christian, was born in 1966 in Oyo state. He went to Saint Thomas Anglican School, Alabi Olorunda Oyo between 1973-1978. His journey led him to Lagos, where he pursued professional plumbing training at Olorode Plumbing Works between 1980-1984. Until 1996, he worked as a skilled plumber, marking a significant turning point when he founded the Living Bread Evangelical Ministry.


This ministry, driven by the vision of winning souls through stage drama and film production, became his life’s mission. In 1999, he married his wife, and together they raised three children. Gospel Film News. Wole Olayiwola passionately spread the gospel through drama, traveling extensively across almost all the states in Nigeria and even ministering in few African countries. He has drawn thousands of people to Jesus through Drama Ministry.


He has written and produced stage ministration/movies including, ‘Is it too late’, ‘the stain’, ‘true freedom’, ‘lja Ominira’


He was also a mount Zion alumni, a teacher in the mount zion institute and has participated in some mount Zion movies.  Evangelist Wole Olayiwola lived his whole life spreading the gospel of Christ and was called to glory in November 2023.

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