“Seeth thou a man DILIGENT in his business? He shall stand before KINGS ; He shall NOT stand before mean men” Proverb 22:29. “Let every man ABIDE in the same calling wherein he was CALLED” 1 Cor 7:20.


To be mindful of your assignment is to let your MIND be FULL of your ASSIGNMENT. It means to give ADEQUATE ATTENTION to your divine DUTY per time. It is the spirit of COMMITMENT to duty. Believe me : there is no assignment without challenges. There is no assignment that is small or big. It all depends on the MINDS of the personalities behind such ministries.

Sometimes, it is amazing to see how some drama ministers tend to describe drama ministry as suffering ministry and pulpit ministry an enjoying ministry. Unfortunately, every ministerial SPHERE has its own PECULARITIES, BENEFITS & CHALLENGES. As one of our fathers noted, pastoral work involves endless counseling, waking up in the mid-nites to pray for your members, being ready to be called anytime at day and night, sacrificing your resources for your members, engaging in unknown spiritual battles on behalf of members, being ready to sacrifice yourself for socio-spiritual wellbeing of your members; even at the detriment of your family convinence and above all, being ready to be abandoned by the same flocks when they find better and seemingly ” more prosperous shepherds”.


Some pulpit ministers have unfortunately cried their way to the grave when it suddenly dawn on them that demons they have chased from some members have jumped on their families; while the so-called members run to another safer haven. Besides, even as this Christmas approaches, there are some pastors who will not even receive a single Chicken-gift; yet their members enjoy and throw food away. They only remember the pastors when they are in troubles. What an irony! Every ministry has its own potential hazards! ” Resist him, standing firm in your faith and in knowledge that your brothers throughout the world are undergoing the same kind of suffering” 1 Peter 5: 9.


In Mathew 24: 45, our master and saviour, JESUS CHRIST, explained the BASIC EXPECTATION of every God’s steward: FAITHFULNESS and WISDOM. Faithfulness ( being committed to what is entrusted in your hands) and Wisdom ( doing them at the right time and in the right place).

There are basically two types of divine assignments: CORPORATE and INDIVIDUAL assignments.

a) Corporate assignments are works that are entrusted on a group of persons with ONE man at the head.The man at the head is expected to play the HUSBAND’s role while the members the WIFE’s role. The former must be willing to CATER and give HIS LIFE for the members while the latter must be willing to SUBMIT to the leadership of the latter ( Eph,5). In Corporate assignments, the leader is expected to be led by other FORCES ( leaders/ deities) higher than him. Examples of Corporate/Collective assignments are christian film production outfits, christian drama schools, christian drama groups, ministry- associations, etc.

b) Individual assignments are the DAY-by- DAY duties of every person to the actualisation of divine plan for a group of people, himself or the drama group he belongs.For instance, it is possible for a corporate mandate to be suffering while some individuals are having good time in the forum. Corporate group is like a a FOOTBALL TEAM who have gone on a match against an opponent. It is possible for the entire team to be goal-less while some individual players succeed in distinguishing themselves.The latter can possibly get promotion or offer from another higher club as it is the RESPONSIBILITY of the LEADERSHIP ( not him as an individual player) to ensure that ALL TALENTS are properly harnessed for the actualisation of the organisational goal. Always mind your role; even when other co-workers decide to go on STRIKE!



1) By GIVING OUR THOUGHTS to our respective assignment. Every divine assignment requires a certain degree of quality thinking for proper profiting. God has never called any man to suspend his thinking and imagination. God therefore desires that every child of His, should stick to meditating on His Word in order to be prosperous in every assigned duty. It is highly frustrating and embarassing to be serving with suspended mind. “Brethren, WHATSOEVER things are TRUE, whatsoever things are HONEST,…..JUST,…PURE,…LOVELY,…GOOD REPORT,…any VIRTUE, if there be any PRAISE, THINK on these things” Philp. 4: 8.
It is NOT everything that GOD will tell you as a ministry/ drama leader neither is it everything that a drama leader should tell his co-workers to do in order to enhance the VALUE of the assignments in their hands. We have the mind of Christ( 1 Cor 2:16). It is when the mind of Christ is appropriately applied that quality IDEAS ( capable of transforming our services) are born.


2) By GIVING ADEQUATE TIME to our respective assignments. In the currencies of life, TIME is second to FAITH. There are many challenges that will certainly fizzle out when adequate time are given to them.
“… the race is not to the swift nor battle to the strong, neither yet bread to the wise, nor riches to men of understanding, nor yet favour to men of skill, but TIME and CHANCE happeneth to them all” Eccl 9:11.
It is therefore a matter of COMMITMENT to always make out time for our respective divine assignments. Take instance, the year is almost rounding off. The PROGRAMME ( 2024 TIMETABLE) of every ministry-association ( CDMAC, UKCDRAM, NACEDRAM, ANCEDRAM, etc) ought to be READY and PUBLISH NOW to enable individual ministries’ programmes not to collide with them, and to serve as long TIME NOTICE to individuals who will love to participate in them.

3) By GIVING OUR ENERGY to our assignments. Apart from Time and quality thought ( IDEA ), every divine assignment requires some level of energy to push it forward. “If thou FAINT in the days of ADVERSITY, thy strength is SMALL” Prov 24:10.
These energy may be in form of PHYSICAL ENERGY ( ABILITY to MOVE some parts of body or run around), EMOTIONAL ENERGY ( ABILITY to WITHSTAND unhealthy criticism and low esteem) and SPIRITUAL ENERGY ( ABILITY to influence NATURE, HUMAN & INANIMATE objects to our favour).

4) By GIVING ADEQUATE FINANCIAL RESOURCES to our assignments. Every divine assignment requires a level of financial input. For GOD giveth SEED to sower and BREAD to eater (2 Cor 9:10). Our financial commitment is part of the SWEATS ( sacrifices) needed to move us to the next level of GRACE. It is part of the reasons why the steward is blessed in season and out of season.

5) By WILLINGLY CELEBRATING OUR CO-WORKERS AND NOT BEING ENVIOUS OF THEM. Every part of lion is lion and every part of an eagle is eagle. As drama ministers, we are all ONE with ONE PURPOSE ( to depopulate hell and populate heaven). A matured drama minister must see EVERY SUCCESS in drama ministry as a WIN for Christ. It should therefore be celebrated. To be mindful of your assignment is to be focused on a BIGGER PICTURE ( ideology)and not be distracted by the personality, denomination or drama outfit through which the award ( success) came.


1) Your assignment is TIED to TIME. You do not have all eternity to run that assignment God has entrusted in your hands. The assignment makes you RELEVANT in the programme of God. Once you miss it, you miss the tide. When you miss the chance, you miss the dance. Think of it! What do you think will happen to a drama minister who, few years ago, had the inspiration to establish a VHS tape mass dubbing outfit but hesitated? Will that vision be relevant today? I mean, can such vision still be impactful? Time is a big factor in running an assignment or vision.

2) To PROTECT your LIFE. God believes in safeguarding the life of persons that are PRODUCTIVE and fruitful in His vineyard.
” Every branch in me that does not bear fruit he TAKES AWAY. And every branch that bears FRUIT he PRUNES that it may bear MORE fruit” John 15:2.

3) To avoid DISTRACTIONS, especially positive distractions from the pit of hell.
Your mindful of your assignment, makes you busy. And a busy mind hardly gossips.

4) To HASTEN your ministerial BREAKTHROUGH by taking your assignment to a MELTING POINT. The melting point is the point of breakthrough. The point where ANYTHING you do, produces easily. “If the clouds be FULL of rain, they empty themselves upon the earth” Eccl 11:3.

A point where less effort produces great results; with things running positively on their own!


5) To attract more QUALITY CO-W0RKERS. Quality workers are easily recruited by heaven to vineyards that are operated by heaven- minded fellows.

6) To attract MORE PROMOTION. It is a thing of joy when drama ministers, who are committed, are being moved from one phase of ministry to another. From one degree of glory to another ( Prov 22:29).

7) To make HEAVEN at LAST. It takes the MIND that is FULL of Kingdom RESPONSIBILITIES to please GOD and be welcomed with the signboard ” Well DONE, thou GOOD and FAITHFUL SERVANT” Matthew 25: 21.
As I privilege servant, I stand on behalf of our fathers and elders in this assignment to declare a STANDING BLESSING for you! May you keep standing despite all odds! May the oil on your head never run dry! May you continue to tread graciously and favourably in all assignments in your hands. May we remain a blessing to our world until our master returns in Jesus precious name!
Pst KC Nwachukwu,
Golden Exposures, Enugu, Nigeria.

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