Akobi Laaroye season 2 begins world premiere, gets testimonies from Abeokuta premiere


By Oluwafemi Dosu

World premiere of Akobi Laaroye (The ultimate battle) season two has begun and different people from different quarters have been requesting for the movie.

Recall that Akobi Laaroye season one is an action packed movie that gained a lot of accolades from Nigerians. Olukoju in an exclusive interview with Gospel Film News however disclosed that people should expect the ultimate battle in season two, insinuating that season one is probably a child’s play compared to what is packaged in season two.

The movie which was first shown in Ibadan at Letter From My Father Programme has gone round a few places for premiere. Below is report from Abeokuta premiere.

By: Prince Balm Oyewale

I took my journey from Sango-Ota at around 7pm, believing that in less than two hours I should get to Abeokuta. Unfortunately, the unforeseen arose.

It took me time before I see cab going to Abeokuta. I left Sango at 9:50pm after a long waiting at the bus stop, I saw one car. I was the only passenger, he loaded the vehicle with fishes (fingerlings). I sat down almost inside water, my whole clothe deeply soaked in water, with very high cost fare, but since I had no choice, time is going, I had to manage. After a few kilometers, inside a thick hold up. The car went off. Myself and the driver alone, started pushing the car on the main road for almost 30 minutes, the car won’t response. We later requested for assistance of some street guys who we paid and help us. Thank God, it works and the journey continues.

Sincerely, it was one of the most stressful and fearing one ever. I later know that the driver has never pass the road before, so I became the controller. Many occasions we rush into a deep potholes but God in all safeguard us till I arrive at Abeokuta around 11:37pm.

I took another journey from the bus stop to Osiele (the venue of the premiere). I got to the school gate at 11:57pm (3 minutes to 12am). I arrived the venue at 12:04am. The program is already ongoing.

The premiere should be coming up by 11pm before but because of the delay in arriving on time, they shifted it to the last agenda. So, I joined in the powerful open heaven anointed prayer vigil. It was awesome.

The host said, the school has started their semester exams that was why the population is scanty, but believe me sir/ma, it was a great population I met. Very encouraging population. As I can see it should be over 400 people (I will get the exact number from the host, as soon as I get it, I will update us).

At last, it was time for the Premiere of AKOBI LAAROYE season 2. I did a recap of season 1 and prepared their mind for the message of the film, from 3:34am to 4:45am.

The premiere of Akobi Laaroye season 2 commence at exactly 4:45am. Prayers were slotted in as the film continues and it was hot ones. Students prayed their way out to victory.

The whole auditorium was ignited by the FIRE OF HOLY GHOST. It was one of its kind experience in my premiere of films.

At the end, _Holy Spirit instructed me to make alter call and asked people to open their eyes, that he want to give genuine salvation…_

The alter call was made and *6 students openly came out to surrender all to Jesus,* crying and weeping for their past. Soaked in the condemnation of their sinful life. Holy Spirit took it over and bring peace and Joy of Salvation to their heart immediately after leading them to Christ.

I have the details (which includes Names and phone contact) of the new convert via Akobi Laaroye season 2.

We rounded off the all thing at 4:32am.

The host collected the microphone and asked one of the pastors to pray for The producer, ministry and the all body of the film.

A section of pictures was taken with the host and his crew. It was indeed a great day.

Less I forget, they also made banners for publicity pasted around the school environs. They body that requested for the premiere did a very great work I must confess…

A token was given to assist my transport fare too oooo…

All Glory to the Name of Jesus!

Akobi Laaroye season 2 Premiere was a big success at Osiele, Abeokuta, Ogun state, Nigeria.

_Prince Balm Oyewale reporting_


To have it premiered in any part of the world kindly contact: 08023082082

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