Abiodun Egbewale organizes 21days intercessory prayer for fathers, mothers of faith in Drama Ministry, charges everyone to join



By Oluwafemi Dosu

AbiodunEgbewale under the umbrella of Light of The World Evangelical Drama Ministry, LOWODRAM is organizing 21 days intercessory prayer for Fathers and Mothers of Faith in the Drama Ministry.

The intercessory prayer started yesterday 29th July and will end August 18, 2020 from 9:00pm-9:30 daily for just 30min.

In an interview session with Gospel Film News, Egbewale revealed that as his ministry was looking forward to their 3rd year anniversary coming up in August 19 2020, he was seeking the face of the Lord for that which God will want them to do towards the anniversary celebration, and as he was praying the Holy Spirit painted a scenerio of a Bible event in his heart.

Egbewale disclosed that the scenario painted was the story of Moses when he was at war and the Lord instructed him to tell Aaron and Joshua to hold his hand till the war finish. He confessed that he didn’t really understand the message but as he press forward for clearity of the vision God told him that, it is duty of the young generations to hold the hand of the fathers of faith ahead and there he got it more clearer that the Lord want him to organize a program where Drama Ministers can honour the labour of fathers in this sphere of ministry, Drama Ministry and Gospel Film Making.

Abiodun Egbewale

According to him, due to the situation of things in the country now, as touching the pandemic around there won’t be any form of physical gathering but Egbewale and his team have make a responsibility to raise the banner of intercession through social media, Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp.

He noted that by God’s grace through effective publicity many have started following in the intercession online. “In fact, I’ve been getting messages from some drama ministers who also pledge to join us in the intercession prayers,” he added.

When confronted with the question of whether the intercession will be done for people on the design alone, he revealed that actually the artwork could not contain the picture of all the fathers but by God’s grace the intercession is for all, not for the fathers alone but all drama ministers worldwide, adding that very soon they will get to the point of raising intercession for all Drama Ministers.

All needed to participate is just to follow “Light of the World Evangelical Drama Ministry” Facebook page for update or follow @Egbewale Abbey on Facebook and Instagram. On the last day of the intercession program, we will be LIVE on Facebook as we all gather to pray for all drama Minister’s in the world and the body of Christ at large.

There will also be a general session of the intercession prayer daily on mxlr by 9:00pm-9:30pm everyday 2nd to D last day, while d last day will be FACEBOOK live. Click on the link below to enjoy:

Egbewale Abiodun is on Mixlr https://mixlr.com/egbewale-abiodun

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