You Have Not Been Called Into Ministry of Competition But Complementation, KSO Tells Ministers at GACASA 2021

By Oluwafemi Dosu, Dare Fayemi


Still in the atmosphere of GOFAMINT Annual Conference of All Saints of Artistes, veteran actor and politician, Evangelist Kolade Segun-Okeowo, KSO has told ministers that they have not been called into ministry of competition but that of complementation.


He reiterated that drama ministers have not been sent to compete with anybody, saying the ministry of the donkey is different from the ministry of the monkey. The filmmaker also noted that when anyone leave this world, people will not remember them for the cars or houses they bought but the impacts such individual have made.


The veteran also said: “In every generation God is looking for people to send. You don’t need to be a born again christian to act drama. The creative ministry is not a big deal, it is the content that is big deal. When the world begin to appreciate they no longer appreciate technicalities but the message/content. Drama without power is no longer relevant.”


While stressing how drama ministers’ message can make impact, Segun-Okeowo noted that anyone whose message will make tangible impact must have genuine relationship with the master (God), saying what will change the world is revelation from the word, such minister must have a deep compassion for the people God will send him or her to as whoever will get a message from God must have passion for his people.


He further added that such minister must live a solution-driven lifestyle, saying If ministers are not used to solving problem, he doubt if God will be passionate to send them to his people. He also said one of the ways a minister’s message can make impact is to glorify God and not themselves because the ministry of drama is a ministry of popularity. KSO also cautioned drama ministers to avoid the lure of sin, stating that fame, opposite sex, anger and money are very to destroy a minister.


He further stressed the need for drama minsters to remain teachable and stay under mentorship if their messages must make impact and should not compete with anybody as God has not been called them into ministry to compete but complement each other.


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