Pastor Isaac Oyedepo List Lessons Learnt From Enoch Movie (Pastor Adeboye’s Biography Film)

By Oluwafemi Dosu

The son of international pastor and founder of Winners Chapel, Bishop Oyedepo named Pastor Isaac Oyedepo has pen down things he learnt from Enoch Movie. Recall that Gospel Film News published a news on 2nd of March announcing that Enoch movie has been released same day to commemorate the 81st birthday of Pastor E.A Adeboye.

Ever since the movie was released, it has been trending on social media. Below are the lessons learnt by Pastor Isaac Oyedepo:

1. Your past is not enough to write off your future.

2. Discipline is a missing part in today’s Christianity.

3. Walking with God is the security of the future.

4. Your faith will be tested.

5. God doesn’t call the qualified.

6. You can walk with God and have even the minutest details of the future unveiled.

7. There is no substitute for prayer, not even revelation.

8. When you leave all to follow Jesus, He will take care of the things you could not take care of.

9. God has a way of interrupting your dreams to fulfill His desires.

10. Resistance is not proof of God’s dismissal, but often times can be proof of God’s approval.

11. God’s process of succesorship is often selecting someone from the young generation.

12. Mummy G.O played an amazing part in encouraging Daddy G.O to keep following Jesus.

13. There is a prize and it is worth it.

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