One of The Worse Things That Can Happen to Any Nation is to Have People With Wrong Mindsets- Segun-Okeowo


By Oluwafemi Dosu, Lola Afolabi

A Gospel Actor and National President of Believers in Politics, Evang. Kolade Segun-Okeow has stated that one of the worse things that can ever happen to a Nation is to have people with wrong mindsets, adding that no matter how good the leadership may be, if the mindset of the people are wrong the leadership will struggle forever, Gospel Film News can confirm.


Segun-Okeowo stated this recently while addressing Journalists in Ogun State.


According to him, if followers’ mindset is right leadership will be easy, leadership will come easily, but when the mindset of the people are not corrected, their is going to be trouble, and that’s why Believers in Politics is working on the people, changing their orientation, getting more and more people into politics. He added that it is not enough to just criticize leaders, saying most people who criticize leaders can’t even do 1 over 100 of what the present leaders are doing.


While reacting to his experience over the last 50 years as a Nigerian, Okeowo revealed that; “My take is that 50years along the line a lot of things has changed, the way I see Fulani herdsmen is not the way I saw them 40 years ago. 40 years ago I saw Fulani herdsmen as a friend, because they are all around us, we are not just having herdsmen around us for the first time, we grew up to know Fulani herds men, what we knew them with is their sandal and stick, we don’t know herdsmen with AK 47, we don’t know them with raffles, so what has suddenly happened, something has gone wrong. I think in recent times, the Federal Government has not been sincere with the way it is handling the herdsmen crisis, if a group of people can come out and say we killed so, so and so people and they walk away what kind of thing is that? Can I stand here and say I killed two persons, then there is no nation, if I can stand before camera and say I killed 10 people because I am angry and able to walk away then the nation is dead.”


The Actor reiterated that the government must not politicize insecurity, whoever has killed, whoever is kidnapping, whoever is maiming, whoever is rapping should face the full wrath of the law, no matter where the person is coming from, be it igbo , be it Yoruba or Hausa, crimes must not be tribalized whoever has committed a crime should be punished, saying if his brother has committed a crime, he should face the wrath of the law.


Segun-Okeowo further stressed that: “the politics has been unnecessary hitted by the delay of the Federal Government, however the Federal Government has made a move, atleast there is a relief somewhere, for a long time the populace has called for a change, now nobody is saying that the service chiefs are criminals nobody is saying that they are responsible but for crying out loud if somebody has made an attempt for the position of leadership for sometime and he is not making an headway there is need for a change, now that the federal government has called for a change let’s wish the new service chief all the best and let’s advice them to avoid tribalism to avoid ethnicism and politicization of their job, let them close their eye and do their job and punish whomever is involved.


“One of the things we have been doing is sensitize and re-orientate, There are alot of things that God has deposited in us, that we are yet to discover up to 5% of the potentials God has deposited in us, so we have not even started we are bearing to start.”

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