Movie Review: Stranded 2, Produced By Mount Zion, The King’s Palace Drama Ministry


Reviewed by Ajibare Abioye

With an open-ended Stranded, a sequel has come as no surprise. Moving on, new characters are thrown into mix, particularly Sharon an interesting one, and Raymond, well played by Dimeji Oladele. For a sizable period, Stranded 2 feels more their story, but aptly subtitled The Spider’s Web, the writer spins a labyrinth of events that connects the dots.

Unforgiveness is still evident here, but degenerates into more negativity in the home. Jenny and David, and Sharon and Raymond are as emotive as pendulums, fickle in their arcs when the other makes a move the one does not anticipate. Their exhausting back and forth shows that their transformations cannot be trusted just yet, until the bone of contention is thoroughly addressed.

I felt that certain lengthy scenes in Stranded could have been managed better, and in Stranded 2, the coverage of characters walking adds to that need for more compactness. The fact that there might be a third part shows how issues can linger in the home when offences are not quickly dealt with and let go of. The movie instructs that the best thing is to let God fight our battles for us; children of God should have it no other way.

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Film Credits

STRANDED 2: The Spider’s Web

(February 25, 2024)

83 minutes

Mount Zion Film Productions and TKP Drama & Film Ministry


Tokunbo Jarrett as Jenny

Taiwo Adeniyi as David

Mike Bamiloye as Baba

Kehinde Afe as Roselyn

Oluwatomisin Oluwole as Sharon

Dimeji Oladele as Raymond



Elvon Jarrett


Tunde Badru


Damilola Mike-Bamiloye


Samuel Obikoya


Joshua Mike-Bamiloye

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