God’s Grace Might Not Be Sufficient For You If You Run With Another Person’s Manual, Says Tolu Adegbo


By Damilare Daniel

One of the actors in Abbatoir movie series, Tolulope Adeagbo has decried that grace of God may not be sufficient for anyone that is operating another person’s manual in ministry, Gospel Film News learnt.

The popular saying in the Christian Faith is “Grace of God Is Sufficient For You,” but Adegbo has taken to his social media to handle Monday the 16th of October, 2023 to encourage people about the need to focus on their God-given manual.

He wrote that “the GRACE of God might not be sufficient for you when you run with another person’s manual other than your own God-given manual.

He further stated that everyone has a unique gift to bring down Goliath, saying if David had not practiced, he would have failed the day Goliath showed up.

The actor who played the role of Gbenro in Abbatoir also stressed the need to master one’s gift as “David could only use slings and not armour; this simply means you should master your own giftings because that is what is required to bring down the Goliath challenging you and God’s people. Don’t follow Another Man’s MANUAL.”

He therefore encouraged everyone to seek out their own manual in GOD( your manufacturer) and run by it. “You May be mocked but don’t give in. It may be in vogue but may make you a spiritual rouge. Don’t rebel against your assignment because God may permit unpalatable circumstances to correct you (ESPECIALLY IF HE LOVES YOU SO MUCH). come and ask me about THIS. Happy new week,” he warned.

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