Filmmakers in mainstream Nollywood will soon take over to produce more gospel films except….- Gospel film director

By Oluwafemi Dosu
A gospel film director, Evangelist Mayowa Stephen has said filmmakers in the mainstream Nollywood will soon take over from gospel filmmakers to produce more gospel films. 
Stephen noted that more filmmakers in the mainstream Nollywood will take advantage of the hunger for Christian movies to produce more Faith-Based films because Christians and church-goers want to see Christian movies these days and now that cinema is coming alive they are seeing an opening in that direction and will capitalize on it.
The film director made this known recently in a chat with Gospel Film News room. 
He reiterated that more Christians who have the finance will rather want to invest it in the mainstream Nollywood, saying they will use them to make those christian films and that is already happening.
He however told Gospel Film News that gospel film makers have to begin to work together and also work very hard on all areas of production especially the scripts and acting. 
“We seem to have started getting some things right vis a vis editing, graphics, etc but I still feel we need to get our role interpretation right, depth is still lacking. We should take another look at the way we handle emotion, action and character in our movies,” he added. 

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