Anyone who goes to University to seek knowledge can never be stranded even if he doesn’t get a job- Segun-Okeowo


By Oluwafemi Dosu

The Legendary Filmmaker, Evang. Kolade Segun-Okeowo has stated that anyone who goes to the University to seek knowledge can never be stranded even if he doesn’t get a job.

This he stated when asked if he will support someone going into the ministry without tertiary education as the certificate might even be useless at the end of the day during an Interview session yesterday 26th January organized by Awake Crew.

Segun-Okeowo is of the opinion that going to the University should be for knowledge seeking and not for certificate, adding that the knowledge gotten in course of study is far more important than the certificate received but unfortunately many are certificate hungry today, Gospel Film News gathered.

He stressed that everyone who seeks certificate in order to get a job is on a wrong track, but people should get a certificate for the sake of knowledge. He said what makes a man is not the Certificate but the knowledge the Certificate represents but unfortunately there is a situation in Nigeria where people struggle to get a certificate but don’t struggle to get the knowledge.

“In the course of my work as an entrepreneur I have stumbled on quiet a lot of men and women who have come to me seeking employment. Some of them have degrees from the University. I am often amazed at the poverty of knowledge that these people have despite the certificate they carry and I’m convinced that they got the certificate only because they wanted to get a job. I have not used certificate to work but I’ve acquired skills and experience, and those are the things helping me to forge ahead today,” he disclosed.

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