ANCEDRAM Members Expectation from the Newly Elected Board of National Executives

By Dare Fayemi

As Pastor Abiodun John Soretire assumes the presidentship of All Nigeria Conference of Evangelical Drama Ministers, ANCEDRAM after a successful election done at ANCEDRAM 29th National Congress & 3rd International Drama Conference held last weekend in Abuja, Federal Capital Territory, the members of the association have begin to set their expectations from the newly elected 15 member Board of National Executive.

Dare Fayemi, Gospel Film News Senior Correspondent compiled the expections of randomly selected ANCEDRAM Members.



National Film Project:
That will explore the rich multicultural nature of the country to produce evangelical messages using the writer and template of Esin Ajoji but expanded to using three cultural settings after the three major languages of Nigeria in a plot-subplot or co-plot arrangement.

Enriched Programmes:
With the aesthetics and logistics improved upon and the contents fortified through inclusion of engaging fora with fathers and accomplished ministry gurus on particular devices and elements that make particular popular productions thick

Through better-organised training activities and attempt at upgrading our level of technical education already existing across member ministries by engaging fathers and our erudite academics to come up with Postgraduate School of Christian Drama sited at our National Secretariat.

Developing a standard Website:
By creating a standard website for our dear association as we have some gurus amongst the members of the association.

Creation of Standard Media and Technical Team:
Creating a formidable team on Media and Technical for the National Program which the members will be from all the state and the National start getting standard media gadgets.

Establish a strong relationship with all the Fathers and Mothers:
Looking for all the Fathers and Mothers that have been a leader and elder in Ancedram and bring them back. Bringing back all the Ancedram Council of Elders to the next 2024 National Congress. I mean all of them.

Adeyeri Temitope Damilola (Abuja Chapter)

I really bless God for the successful completion of the last ANCEDRAM National Executives election and special congratulations to the New Elected Executive, My Expectations are not too high though.

I expect unity and love reign amidst the executives, because true suggestions raised amidst them will be viewed and treated with maturity, plan, opinions and every mission will be carried out with help of God and holy spirit,
I expect ANCEDRAM to move to higher level than it was before NOW.

Also, reaching out to state and countries that are not involved, well grounded, effective or active in ANCEDRAM for full establishment, commitment and moreso reaching out to as many as possible soul through drama (ANCEDRAM) to the World.

I expect total commitment and consecration of the newly elected executives to their assignment and to carry it out faithfully with humility and faithfulness.

Sunday Solomon, (ANCEDRAM Ondo State Chapter)

By the grace of God as our father in the Lord, Evang. Mike Bamiloye has declared it that this tenure is going to run faster than the previous ones, i believe that ANCEDRAM at large is going to take a new shape, all round turn around, and long time vision of our fathers will surely come to reality, trusting God on their lives.

My expectations from the newly elected ANCEDRAM Board of National Executives are:

Reuniting all Ancedram past and present leaders to have a common goal in achieving greater things.

Making Ancedram a home to be for all Drama ministries.

Evang Joseph Ajayi, (ANCEDRAM Kano State Chapter).

My expectations from New Executives:
1. Ancedram Northern Region really need urgent help, if the new excos can see to how to really develop drama ministers in the north, such as introducing practical workshop, seminars and training.

2 . I desire to see great change in Ancedram Nationally.

3. My expectations to see our Elders, mother & fathers in this film ministry be more committed to Ancedram than before.

Pastor James Oladiran Ajayi, (ANCEDRAM Lagos State Chapter)

1. I will like the new BONE to have proper data of members, our ID card is our identity, ID number code must include the state and local government you belong.

2. See how to work in synergy up to local level, regions, states, areas and local governments must be recognized, at least in our data base. with their executives.

3. Working on non functioning states.

4. Taking up and establishing ANCEDRAM Film Academy (AFA) in all states, to train all members today technics in film and stage productions. Rev. Evang. Abiola Jesulowo is the Director and chairman, board of AFA.

5. Provide support, and market value for the members, most especially trained ones to function at location and earn good income.

6. Encourage members to produce quality and world class movie, also help to enlighten on today marketing without reservation.

7. Claiming our neglected or unclaimed place in governance as an association.

Please note: Ancedram is a recognized and regarded association in Nigeria when it comes to law and order.

Janet David, (Adamawa State Chapter)

My expectation from the new elected ANCEDRAM Board of national executives is for them to work in unity, justice and they shouldn’t abuse the power and grace that has been given to them.

Nike Idowu, (Ancedram Lagos State Chapter)

I expect that the new Ancedram BONE to continue with policies of the last BONE . I expect they work more also on publicity (including paid) of the Association.


Tosin Ololade, (ANCEDRAM Lagos State Chapter).

My expectations

1) There seems to be a reduction in the numbers of new members and ministries in ancedram.
This, I fathom to be because ministries coming up doesn’t seem like they need the association.

2. There should be a better structure for members to get their ministry certificates and ID card.

3. The national can look into building a strong wide reach streaming channels to foster media uploads of ministries movies.

Femi Ogunleye, (Akwa Ibom State Chapter)

Movie shooting, workshop training materials should be available, they should support States in there programs, Ancedram Secretariat in all state or region, etc.

GREAT INEH, (FCT Abuja Chapter)

My expectation from the newly elected ANCEDRAM BOARD OF NATIONAL EXECUTIVES is for them to come up with strategies that will help cement the relationship between most of our past Leaders both at the National and State levels, so we could be having more of their presence at our congresses.

Most of our Leaders, after their tenures, you hardly see them during congresses again.

For instance, during the just concluded National Congress in Abuja, most of our past National Presidents were not in attendance.

We need to correct the status quo.

Tosin-Ann Oluleye, (Kwara State Chapter)

We expect to see a well structured ANCEDRAM. Better organized National Congresses in terms of Accomodation and feeding. National Movie Project
Uniting Drama ministers Across the globe.

Nathan Okpighe (ANCEDRAM Delta State Chapter)

I’m expecting more from this administration.

I will expect them to continue on the vision of their predecessors.

I’m also expecting them to improve on Ancedram.

Especially on finances. Somewhere in the Constitution, there is a place that talks about dues and sharing formulas. Which I have not seen working in ANCEDRAM. I will want this administration to look critical of it.


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