You’re Making Great Error By Equating Popularity With Husband Material, Gospel Actor, Ogunmilade Caution Ladies

By Joy Adeosun

Gospel Actor, Evangelist Ogunmilade Ademola Olajide has cautioned young unmarried sisters in the drama ministry, many of whom have set their sights on the young unmarried so called ‘Star’ among the brothers, Gospel Film News Confirm.

Ogunmilade made this known on his official social media account on Monday.

Evang. Olajide Ogunmilade

The actor stressed that some unmarried sisters disregard the young brothers who might not be so called ‘Stars’, but are faithfully growing in the ministry and in maturity.

He added that many of these sisters have “received’ these brothers who are privileged to have gotten lead roles in one movie or the other, even though the brothers have not ever said a word in that direction to them, saying the sisters have already made up their minds that the brother is their husband, so when another brother who is not so popular goes to propose to them, they turn him down hard, give him ‘Nail’ on the head.

Ogunmilade further said that: “all these while waiting for the brother who is very popular to come and propose to them, woo my sister, may you not wait in vain.
You’re making a great error by equating popularity with husband material, being a star is not the same thing as spiritual maturity o, it does not mean that he is in anyway better than the other brother, if the brother who is not popular, had the same opportunity as the one who became popular, he might even have done it better.

“What about the crew members who are not known because they’re not in front of the camera, do you think that the popular brothers that are privileged to be in front of the camera are in anyway better than them.
Don’t equate stardom with spiritual maturity, don’t equate popularity with husband material, that would be a very great mistake, he can be a star and be dealing with issues, he can be popular and be masturbating, he can be a star and be having anger issues, he could be a star, yet his life is scattered, he might be a star, yet be slapping you tomorrow. While that brother who operates behind the camera and is not well known, might be filled with the fruit of the spirit and be more spiritually matured than many of the so-called stars.

“Sisters, please be discerning, do not be carried away by popularity and stardom, pray to God and be led of His Spirit. This also applies to brothers who keep receiving only the popular sisters.”

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