Yemi Adepoju is Very Dependable and Humble- Mike Bamiloye



By Joy Adeosun, Oluwafemi Dosu

While in the mood of celebrating Joseph Yemi Adepoju of Mount Zion Faith Ministries on birthday, doyen of Christian drama and president of Mount Zion, Evangelist Mike Bamiloye has confirmed that Joseph Adepoju is very dependable and humble member of Mount Zion.

Joseph Yemi Adepoju was born on 23rd of May over 5 decades ago.

Gospel Film News gathered that in a celebration note entitled “Great Men Are Not Common,” Bamiloye stressed that Adepoju is a great and humble follower of Godly Visions and they have come a very long long way together in the ministry ever before he came and join Mount Zion full time and had served as Program Coordinator of National Programs.

He recalled that Adepoju was there in 1987 when they gathered all drama ministers from many states of the country together at Orita MEFA intending to shoot the first Nigerian Christian Movie, as they ran up and down together, when after many Labour on film location, the project failed.

Bamiloye also recounted another experience at the National Festivals of Christian Drama of 1987, 1988, 1989, and 1990 where Adepoju served as Program Coordinator and when he abandoned his job at construction Company to serve at Mount Zion.

“You met us at Retreat and said you have come to serve. And we told you, if you were sincere, go and pack your load and get ready to follow us to a one month tour in Warri. And you came fully three days later to embark on the journey of Faith. You have been consistent since then till now.

“You were there when the Mount Zion Institute began in 1991, when you became a Pioneer Student along with the rest members of Mount Zion. And along with the rest great fantastic members of Mount Zion, we have travelled far and near all over the country together.

“Today, God has blessed you abundantly. You came into the ministry as a single man, You married in this ministry and God gave you great children in this work, who are all also serving full time in this same ministry they were born into. Glory ADEPOJU and Joba Anderson are both manning the Mount Zion Radio, and Joba is a gifted Sound Engineer who have managed the movie location Sound Recording of many Mount Zion films.
And our dear dutiful OluwaRuth, is a fantastic tireless Movie Editor who worked on editing the famous ABEJOYE, ABATTOIR, JAILER, GBEMI, etc.
God has blessed you with great dedicated and humble Children who serve God in this ministry.

“And what can we say about your Queen, Sister BOLA Mercy ADEPOJU.
She was the first person to join My Wife and I on Full time in 1988.
She was in charge of Welfare of Mount Zion Members at the initial time of the ministry for many years. We used to call her Margaret Thatcher! A No-Nonsense lady when it came to welfare and food sharing among the members at home and at outreaches. You must accept whatever she gave you. Great Woman.
Bro Joseph YEMI ADEPOJU, Your reward for following God in Man faithfully, in this ministry, is not fully here. Your reward is in Heaven when we all get there.

“Meanwhile, may the Lord bless you always and give you great joy.
May all your children who are serving the Lord in this ministry be well settled and well established. May the Lord God keep your Wife for you. And my the Lord God keep you also for Himself and make you serve Him till the end.
I and my wife, Gloria Bamiloye, appreciate you for all your faithfulness in service. May you live so long in Him till the end,” he stated.

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