Wonders as Mount Zion movie, ‘Abejoye’ season 1,2 premieres in Benin Republic


By Oluwafemi Dosu

The timely season movie, Abejoye has crossed the frontiers of Nigeria to Benin Republic as the movie was premiered earlier this month.

This was made known in a post by the director of the movie, Evangelist Mike Bamiloye today.

Gospel Film News gathered that the movie was taken to the Egun/French speaking country for premiere by Evangelist Samuel Gbogiri and his wife.

Abejoye season one which is translated ‘The King Maker’ was premiered on Saturday 8th of March and season two translated ‘The Peace Maker’ on Sunday 9th of March, 2019 at Tatannokan village, Benin Republic.

According to a report titled ABEJOYE GREAT MOVIE CRUSADE @ TATONNONKON, ADJA -OUERE. REPUBLIC OF BENIN WITH MORE THAN A THOUSAND IN ATTENDANCE, Samuel Gbogiri noted that the it was an unforgettable weekend and experience for the people of TATONNONKON, ADJA –OUERE, REPUBLIC OF BENIN community and its environment.

“We (my wife and I) left Nigeria on Friday morning 7th March 2019 to Republic of Benin. On getting to Benin, our host was already waiting at a particular place and we embark on another voyage to Tatannokan village. A journey that lasted for 1h 20min on speedy motorcycle.

After resting for a while we were taken to the Venue of the Premiere (an open field in a School). We met organizers and just very few people on ground. I didn’t see rented chairs. I asked and one of them said, no rented chairs in the village and that there is no need for chairs. I became uncomfortable. Few minutes later, we saw people young and old coming in groups from different directions,’’ he disclosed.

Gbogiri further reports that some people were seen carrying local stool and chairs on their heads. Many of them came from neighboring villages Djidagba, Towi, Missebo
which are 5km, 7km and 10 km away. Just within a few minutes a large audience. Some sat on the stools, and chairs they brought, some spread wrappers while others sat on the floor.

Gospel Film News also gathered that the Movie Crusade started with Praise and worship, Choir ministration and prayers. The Movie was interpreted in Yoruba and Egun Languages.

The people were captivated and engrossed by the message of the movie. Some were seen praying on their own, a few were seen shedding tears. From time to time, before the end of the movie, the audience were taken through powerful prayer sessions.

“I was amazed to see the way these people were praying including children. I have never seen anything like that before. The Programme ended at 10pm and was surprised that no one left. They all waited till the end. At the end of the movie, more than 70 people gave their lives to Christ and many rededicated their lives to Jesus.
On the 1st Day, more than 750 people were in attendance.
On the 2nd Day, the crowd was massive. About 1200+ were in attendance. Prayers were raised for the families.

We thank Daddy Mike Bamiloye for praying for us a day before we departed Nigeria to Benin Republic. We also want to thank the following Ministers of God in Tatonnokan\PASTOR FRANCIS HOSSOU (CAC), PASTOR ALLAMON, MOISE, PASTOR FASHOLA, JOEL HOSSOU,” Gbogiri added.


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