Witness Films Holds Film Screening as ‘Zion’ Sets for Release


Witness Films, a budding Christian film production outfit, hosted a virtual Preview/Press Screening of its upcoming short film, ‘Zion,’ on Tuesday, December 26, 2023 as the film is set for a YouTube release.

It is scheduled for release on Saturday, December 30, 2023, on Ajibare Abioye’s YouTube channel at 7 am.

‘Zion’ movie director, Ajibare Abioye, shared that the screening aimed to gather feedback from the cast, crew, and press, allowing for necessary corrections before the film release. The Zoom-based screening according to him was predominantly attended by cast and crew representatives, with a modest media presence.

One of the executive producers, Olusemire Odedele, disclosed that ‘Zion’ has a beautiful message that resonates with every Christian, featuring wonderful and inspirational music. Two cast members shared their surprise at the film’s quality, given that a significant portion of the shooting was done without rehearsals and in a single take. Carey Ifode who plays Dahlia in ‘Zion’ described it as “amazing” and almost shed a tear while watching. Olayinka Joshua Ojo, one of the customers in the movie, found the film’s message timely.

Abioye emphasized that such screenings will become a standard practice for future productions to ensure films deliver the best value and quality.
‘Zion,’ a short film produced by Ajibare Abioye and co-directed by Damilola Olayemi, was shot during their diploma studies in Performing Arts Christian Drama at the Mount Zion Institute of Christian Drama, Ile-Ife, in affiliation with Ajayi Crowther University, Oyo. The film follows Pepe, a spirited waitress who turns a mundane diner into a stage for redemption, all accompanied by a musical journey.

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